How a Small Kitchen Can Provide Enough Working Space

If there is one place in the home where storage is of the utmost importance, it is usually the kitchen. This is because there are a lot of ingredients and cooking tools that are needed, which can take up a lot of space. This can make it particularly frustrating for someone who has a smaller kitchen and can’t afford to hire a professional kitchen designer to make it significantly bigger.

But there are still ways to improve your kitchen storage so that you can make smaller kitchens work for you. Here are the best small kitchen tips for providing sufficient working space.

Replace the Fake Drawers

Many smaller kitchens are going to have drawers installed underneath the sink that never actually do anything. Instead of being functional drawers that pull out, they are instead nice decorative pieces. But when you are looking to maximize kitchen storage, you can’t afford to have any purely decorative space.

premium kitchen cabinets
Kitchen drawers are a great way to open up more counter space.

That’s why you’ll need to replace these fake drawers with something that is actually functional. This can either be tip out trays for sponges and other kitchen cleaning supplies, or could be a space to secure a sideways paper towel holder to make accessing paper towel easier. Either way, this will open up some counter or cupboard space to be used for other items.

Install Roll Out Cabinet Drawers

Many of the bottom cupboards in a kitchen are often much taller than they need to be. This means that a lot of vertical storage space ends up being wasted. But someone can help get around this by switching to roll out cabinet drawers instead.

These handy drawers are able to fit multiple drawers stacked on top of one another within one large cupboard space. This means that you are not going to be wasting any precious vertical kitchen storage.

By utilizing these small kitchen tips, you can end up getting all the kitchen storage that you could ever need. When you’re ready to improve your kitchen, make sure you pick a trusted renovation service like The Kitchen Showcase.

Transform Your Kitchen with Smart Storage Spaces

How much kitchen counter space do you need?

The functionality of a kitchen is the biggest trend that we have to think about as designers. People love to gather in the kitchen, so homeowners are looking to turn it into a space for entertaining as well as cooking. Hence, the rise of the big open plan kitchen. If you’re a foodie who loves to cook and entertain, then this trend makes total sense. To make the kitchen efficient as well as functional, you need to customize your cabinetry to be smart about storage.

Customize smart storage space in your kitchen
Having big drawers instead of bottom cabinets is huge in modern European kitchen design.

Smart storage spaces

Of course, you want your cabinets to look good in your kitchen, but they need to help you organize all your stuff so that you can move about comfortably and find everything easily. Organization is the biggest consideration when you are customizing your cabinets.

Big drawers

When we talk about custom cabinetry, we’re not just talking about the size and the color. You want to think of custom kitchen cabinets as custom storage units for your kitchen. We’re so used to the traditional layout of drawers lining the bottom of our countertops, and then having cabinets under the drawers. This layout is a classic look for a traditional kitchen.
A modern twist to the classic kitchen is to build rows of big, deep drawers all the way from your counters to the floor.  Having drawers instead of traditional cabinets is a smart way of keeping all of your kitchen items organized. For some reason, we’ve grown content with only using drawers for utensils, but you can customize your kitchen drawers to accommodate just about anything.
Another added bonus of having drawers instead of cabinets is that you won’t have to crouch down and use a flashlight to see what you put in the back of the cabinet. With drawers, you can just pull them all the way out for easy access to all of your kitchenware.

Open shelves

Designing smart storage in the kitchen
Open shelves can give your kitchen a little dimension for a great visual, as well as make it more efficient.

Since we’re mixing up the traditional cabinetry design, why not switch out a few of your hanging cabinets with some open shelves? Having open shelves will create dimension in your kitchen for a visually interesting effect, but when you’re juggling dinner and guests, it’s way more efficient to be able to see everything instead of having to play a game of memory and open all the cabinets looking for a dish or appliance.
Of course, there’s also a downside to seeing everything out in the open. If you have mismatched items, the visual effect can appear cluttered, so think about the types of things that you’ll be storing on open shelves. Keep the odd-shaped items in cabinets and put the matching items out in the open.

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