Feng Shui Cures for Your Kitchen

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Welcome to another chapter of our Kitchen Design Feng Shui Special. We are traveling through the ancient world of Feng Shui and are learning some basic tips on how to make our kitchen and home, harmonious spaces that support our health and well-being.
In one of our recent posts, we went over techniques to come up with the best location for your kitchen. Where it should be facing, where to place appliances and doors and which colors and material to use in your Feng Shui style kitchen. We also learned about Kua number calculation and how our energy map affects the design. 
feng shui for kitchensHowever, putting the lessons into practice is really hard. The main problem many of us face when trying to design or arrange our kitchen through Feng Shui is that it takes a lot to make it work. Thankfully, the ancient Chinese wise men seemed to understand this as well and developed cures and techniques to balance the energies and bring health and good fortune into your home.

Feng Shui cures to improve positive energy

With the right use of Feng Shui, you can take advantage of the variety of cures to improve your energies, tricks that use objects, colors, materials or textures. Like different elements you can use when your kitchen is not facing the correct direction or you are forced to set a door where it shouldn’t be.

Kitchen and door cures

Your Feng Shui kitchen should not be facing the main door. If you have no choice, it is better to place it near the back door. Avoid placing your kitchen in the center of your home. Don’t forget the best location for it is in the East or South. This way you can promote the fire element. If your oven is facing a door, it is best to put a screen somewhere in between the front door and the kitchen so that the stove is not visible from the doorways.
If there is no other option than placing the kitchen in the center of the home, try energizing another area such as your living room or dining room with bright lights or music. This way you can shift the heart of your home.
If the cook’s back is towards the door, you can use a mirror or the reflection from a microwave oven above the stove, in such a way that you can see the door.
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Separating water and fire

Remember that water elements like the fridge and fires element like the stove shouldn’t be placed next to each other. If you have no choice, place a plant or something green in between. This will block and balance the energies. If you have a two-story house and the stove is directly under a bathroom, you can shine a bright light upwards to separate fire and water.

What has no cure in the kitchen design

  • Remember to avoid placing your kitchen stove in the Northwest sector. The heaven energy pours into the kitchen from the Northwest and unfortunately, there is no cure for this.

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Feng Shui experts insist that the design of your kitchen can lead to a healthier lifestyle and increase the well-being of your family. Our kitchen experts would add that having an awesome design will turn your new kitchen into your favorite room in the house. 
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