The Beauty and Durability of Quartz Countertops

Traditional kitchen eight

Traditional kitchen eight

If you love a natural look but crave as little maintenance as possible for your Denver Kitchen, consider installing Quartz Countertops

Quartz countertops can be strikingly beautiful, and they require much lower maintenance than natural stone products. Because it is one of the hardest minerals on earth, quartz makes for the most durable option for kitchen countertops. It’s non-porous surface and unique blend of beauty with the look of natural stone topped with its easy maintenance makes quartz an exceptional match for any lifestyle.
Because quartz countertops are manufactured, the color and pattern possibilities are endless, including options that are almost identical to granite or marble. One of the largest benefits of quartz surfaces is they tend to be stain, scratch and heat resistant, making them very easy to maintain. Its non-porous quality also makes it highly resistant to mold and bacteria contamination. Quartz countertops

The eye-catching natural beauty of quartz is derived from its multi-dimensional gem-like color. They can come in a wide variety of colors and designs, including red and apple green as well as earthy browns, blacks, and creams, or with the sparkles and veining look of granite and marble.

Where do Quartz Countertops come from?

Unlike natural stone slabs (which are mined), quartz slabs are engineered in a factory. The primary ingredient is about 94% ground quartz, combined with polyester resins to bind it and pigments for color or small amounts of recycled glass and flecks of metal for a veined or patterned look.
Our premium quartz countertop manufacturers can offer multihued slabs with enough flecks, swirls, and random patterning to make them almost indistinguishable from granite, the leading king of countertop choices. And besides the polished finish look, you can also get them with a honed, sandblasted, or embossed treatment. The very low-to-none maintenance required of quartz (and certainly no re-sealing necessary) is making it a very sought after option nowadays.
At The Kitchen Showcase, we have several quartz countertop options that will match any kitchen design and budget. Let us work with you in finding the best countertop solution for your Denver home. You will be amazed how new countertops can make your kitchen or bathroom stand out, that you will be wanting to spend a lot more time in there!
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Home Improvement Goals for 2017: Remodeling the Kitchen

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Give yourself the chance of finally having your dream kitchen!

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Getting a custom kitchen in Denver has never been easier

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