TKS Volunteers for Save Our Youth Service Day in Denver

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Giving back to the community

The Kitchen Showcase
TKS volunteers for Save Our Youth Service Day.

We are all proud to call Denver home, and we’re fortunate to have the means to give back to this community that we love so much. As always, it is because of our customers that we are able to provide willing hands to Save Our Youth Service Day to meet tangible needs, as well as raise awareness about this youth development organization.

The Lions Project

For a long time now, The Kitchen Showcase has been partnered with The Lion’s Project, an organization that connects the business world with the nonprofit world. This time, on a cold, rainy summer day in Denver, the TKS team headed out to help Save Our Youth (SOY) create a space for their Summer Academy. A space that would encourage and inspire at-risk high schoolers. Therefore, colleagues, friends, families, and SOY mentors got together to paint a mural, do some yard work, and build a basketball court for all the mentees.

Save Our Youth

Since 1994, Save Our Youth has been providing long-term mentoring to Denver’s urban at-risk youth. SOY will match long-term mentors to children ages 10-17 to provide educational, emotional, and spiritual skills for success. While the national average mentoring match is nine months, SOY’s mentoring match average is 42 months or three and a half years.

Save Our Youth Service Day Recap Video

The Kitchen Showcase in Denver

Once again, we’d like to thank all of our customers. Without your business, we would not be able to continue to volunteer and give back to our community. We should all feel proud.
Thank you!