When we design our homes, we no longer look at each room individually; we look at the whole picture. Since the open plan home isn’t going anywhere, the transitional design style is more prevalent than ever.

Transitional kitchen design in Denver
Clean lines and cool colors are big in transitional kitchen design.

What is transitional kitchen design?

The transitional design style came about when homeowners started looking at the big picture when remodeling. Although each room can still have individuality and personality, designers are starting to take a few design elements and mimic them from room to room.
The transitional kitchen will take a page from your living room, dining room, even your bedroom and create a cohesive design that will transition perfectly from room to room. The transitional design style connects each room in your home.

Modern muted colors and clean lines

Most homeowners will want to make the kitchen look bigger and brighter. Cool color choices will still dominate the kitchen, but instead of the classic white, color trends are leaning towards light shades of gray, blue, and green.
Minimalistic design is a big trend in the modern kitchen and it is one of those timeless trends. Using natural materials and letting them maintain their natural beauty and shape like quartz and granite countertops will make your kitchen feel clean and modern. To break up the simplicity and the color palette, a kitchen island in a contrasting or bold color will add a little life and vibrancy to your kitchen.

Transitional kitchen design trends
Choose a kitchen island that contrasts the cool colors of your cabinets for dramatic effect.
Credit to Daydream Designs

Matching and balancing the rest of the home

Whatever colors and design aesthetics that you choose in your kitchen can be carried over into the rest of the home, and vice versa. Having a color story for the whole house will make everything feel like it was meant to be, and it will add a sense of calm.

Transitional kitchen design in Denver

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