Countertops come in many materials and colors. Your style and your lifestyle should both be taken into consideration when you choose a countertop. One of the more popular countertop materials is stone. Stone surfaces have many pros and a few cons. Let’s take a closer look at some of the pros and cons of granite countertops.

Stone countertops

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Overall, stone countertops are solid, durable, easy to maintain, and resistant to all the elements that come with a kitchen, like heat and moisture. Stone countertops will mostly allow you to work directly on the countertops, eliminating cutting boards and hot pads. There are a few differences that could impact your enjoyment, and whether they are befitting to your kitchen, as well as your budget.


When money is no object, granite is the countertop material of choice. Granite countertops will add beauty and natural elegance to your kitchen, as well as real estate value to your home. Having granite countertops is like having hardwood floors; potential buyers will love them, so that’s something to consider if you are remodeling before selling. However, granite countertops have a long lifespan. So, even if you aren’t remodeling to sell right now, the granite countertops will keep on giving value to your home for years to come.

Considerations for granite countertops

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Photo: St. Cecilia granite countertop.

One thing to consider with granite countertops is that the surface is imperfect. If you’re looking for a smooth surface, granite may be too rough for your taste. The higher quality the granite is, the fewer imperfections there will be and the smoother the surface. However, the subtle imperfections of granite can also add a wonderfully rugged and natural texture to your kitchen.

One of the pluses of granite is the ability to work directly on the countertops. But you do need to be aware that your knives will dull more quickly from cutting on granite.

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