Thinking smart isn’t about budgeting or looking for the best deal; it’s about designing a kitchen that has a purpose. Every detail and every element should be there for a specific reason. Here’s how to think smart when you are designing a new kitchen.

Smart kitchen design

Simplicity, efficiency, and technology are the cornerstones of smart kitchen designs. The purpose of the kitchen has expanded over the years, and so has the design. As the modern kitchen has evolved from being hidden to being the focal point of the home, the design has become more sophisticated and simplistic. By keeping the design simple, you are opening up more possibilities for your kitchen. You are not just designing for a great cooking experience; you are designing for a great social experience.
Smart kitchen design


Modern kitchen design will take advantage of all the technological advances from energy efficiency to functionality. Besides your major appliances, think about incorporating your own technical needs, like being able to recharge your phone, or listen to music. Lighting is also integrating technology to make every feature more efficient.

Smart kitchen storage
Credit to Infinity Home Collection

Smart storage

Perhaps the most significant area for smart kitchen design is the storage. Cabinets, drawers, and shelves should be customized to fit your kitchen and your specific needs. Custom cabinetry will allow you to take advantage of every inch, so you don’t waste space, as well as keeping your kitchen organized.
The design of your drawers should include dividers and smart functions that make it easier to store and organize your kitchen, thus making it easier to find everything. A disorganized kitchen will only lead to frustration. Smart storage will make your kitchen feel good.
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