Kitchen cabinets are the star of any kitchen, so you need to make smart choices. The cabinets will take up the most space in the kitchen, so they’ll automatically be a major focal point. Here are some steps to help in choosing the perfect kitchen cabinets.

Understanding kitchen cabinets

Matching wood with wood

The first step to choosing the right products, whether it’s the kitchen cabinets or the kitchen sink, is to understand the various styles and materials. Knowing the benefits of each species of wood and the color you can expect is a significant factor. Considering the function of each cabinet, as well as the style, are the determining factors in choosing the perfect kitchen cabinet.

Function and Purpose

Forget about the color and the style. The first step to choosing kitchen cabinets should be purpose and function. If a cabinet isn’t functional, if you can’t store all your kitchen gadgets, tools, flatware, and stemware, then the cabinets are useless. Start by figuring out the right measurements, and functions that each cabinet needs to serve. From there, you can start to look at the fashionable aspects.

Type of Storage

You should also familiarize yourself with the various types of way to store things in the kitchen. Not everything has to be stored in traditional cabinets. Many are turning to big deep drawers and shelving to mix it up and create some design intrigue. The type of storage you choose is going to help make the kitchen more functional.

Custom vs. Semi Custom Kitchen Cabinets
Mix and match custom and semi-custom kitchen cabinets.

Fashion and style

Once you have the functionality of the cabinets in place, you can start to look at the style. The architecture of your home can help guide you in the right direction. If you’re only replacing your cabinets, the rest of the kitchen design should also be taken into consideration.


Wood cabinets are a classic, but there are many types of wood, and each has its unique coloring. You could also stain wooden cabinets to get the exact color you want, but that will require you to understand what types of wood are best for staining. Even a stained wood is going to change a bit over time, so you need to like the starting color, but also be prepared to love the color that the wood will settle on.

The right amount of counter space

Door Style

Once you have the color and material, the style of the cabinet door is the final piece of the puzzle, almost. For a modern kitchen, look for sleek minimalistic door styles. For a more traditional and country style kitchen, look for doors that are a bit more ornate, with a design pattern.


The final piece de resistance when choosing kitchen cabinets is to look at the hardware. The knobs, pulleys, and hinges should enhance your kitchen design. Cabinet hardware can be both fashionable and functional. Before you settle on the hardware, we suggest going to a kitchen showroom to see and feel the hardware to make sure it feels good.

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