If you’re a Colorado homeowner with a newly renovated kitchen, you may be wondering about the best practices for keeping your kitchen cabinets in good condition for as long as possible. After all, new cabinets are an investment that add style and value to your kitchen —  who wouldn’t want to keep them protected? 

It’s essential to keep your kitchen as well maintained as possible. Thankfully, methods for protecting your kitchen aren’t complex. Here are a few ways you can protect your cabinets and get the most out of your kitchen. 

Add Your Cabinets to Your Cleaning Regimen

The Best Tips to Clean Your Kitchen Cabinets
Always remember to use cleaning products that are safe for the material of your cabinetry.

Most homeowners have a weekly cleaning schedule that includes tidying up the kitchen and removing grease and debris from the floors and countertops. However, many of us forget that grime and grease from the food we cook can get onto our cabinets as well, which can lead to staining. Over time, this can affect the look of your cabinets and cause permanent damage. Make sure you wipe down your cabinets often with a safe cleaner. 

Get Rid of Scratches

Scratches or nicks anywhere in the kitchen are an eyesore. Thankfully, there are plenty of ways you can cover up these unsightly marks and leave your kitchen looking brand new. The easiest way to handle a scratch on one of your cabinets is to buy touch-up supplies. Wood markers come in a variety of colors, and you’re more than likely to find one to match your cabinet. If your cabinet door has suffered a deep gouge, there are also filler kits available. If you aren’t sure which items to purchase for your cabinets, speak to your cabinet provider for an expert opinion. 

Water or Moisture Damage

Thankfully, your sturdy countertops take the brunt of most spills. But sometimes, water and juice can spill over and leak onto your bottom cabinets. Additionally, moisture from cooking or boiling water can make its way onto your top cabinets. In either case, it’s important to protect your cabinet surfaces by wiping them down with a clean, dry cloth immediately after contact with moisture of any kind. 

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