Your laundry room could be so much more! The latest trend in home design is to not just have a laundry room, but a multi-functional utility room. Unleash your laundry rooms full potential with these remodeling tips.

Design a utility room
Smart storage is the key to turning a laundry room into a fully functional utility room.

What is a utility room

The difference between a traditional laundry room and a utility room is smart storage spaces. Often, our laundry rooms become multi-purpose storage rooms over time. However, you need to maintain order in your laundry room. If you simply start to store more and more things you’ll only create a big chaotic mess. It’s time to take back control of your laundry room. Adding more smart storage is the key to controlling the chaos.

Design smart storage

Don’t confuse the utility room with your basement. When you store something in your basement an eternity can go by before you go looking for it again.  A utility room is an integral part of the working forces of the home. The utility room is practical and functional. You have to think about smart storage units to avoid clutter, but you can’t forget the original purpose of the room which is to have a comfortable space to do laundry.

Storage for Outerwear and Footwear

In Colorado, we have four seasons which means that we are masters at layering clothing. We also have an abundance of footwear for every type of weather. The utility room is the perfect place to create storage that is neat and organized for all of your outerwear. Get hangers for jackets and coats, cubby hole units for sweaters, and maybe even a custom design shoe/boot rack.

Pantry in the Utility Room

Designing a utilty room
Make sure your laundry area has water, a sink, and counter space. Give yourself room to move.

If your utility room is big enough and close enough to the kitchen, think about designing cabinets and shelving to store dry goods and non-perishables. A utility room is a perfect place to design a  little pantry nook.

Laundry area essentials

Besides your washer and dryer, you will also need to have counter space, a sink, and storage units for laundry detergents and other liquids and tools. Customize your storage to meet the requirements for what you have. Think about the things that are oddly shaped and will require specialty measurements, like your ironing board, or a vacuum cleaner. Utilize the corners to create tall, slender cabinets for brooms and other tall, slender items.

Variety of Storage

Use a variety of storage units to transform your laundry room. Turn some of the items you’ll be storing into part of the design. For example, use open shelving to store clean towels and linens, but, hide dirty laundry baskets behind cabinet doors or in a closet.
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