Time and time again, the work triangle has proven itself the best kitchen design technique to guarantee homeowners in Colorado an efficient cooking environment. The work triangle is a set of traffic lanes that allow you the easiest route to everything you need to cook and plate your meal. 

Still not sure what the work triangle is? Imagine a line that connects your fridge to your sink. Then imagine another line that connects your sink to your oven. Then, a third line connecting your stove back to your fridge. These three lines make up your work triangle! In an optimal triangle, no route should require more than nine feet of travel. Additionally, there should be enough space to prevent crowding. Most people agree that a minimum distance of 4 feet is required between each of these components.

Creating a Work Triangle

Functional kitchen
This kitchen has an optimal work triangle layout; the homeowner can move easily between their sink, fridge, and oven.

There are a few key points to keep in mind when trying to create an effective work triangle:

  • The sum of all three sides shouldn’t exceed 26 feet.
  • Each line of the triangle should be between four and nine feet long.
  • No major traffic should pass through the work triangle. 
  • None of the sides should cut through a counter space or island. 

Some homes with bigger families may need more than one work triangle in order to maintain an efficient work environment. Adding another sink to an island is a great way to add another second set of paths to allow for more than one cook to operate minimal crowding. 

Work with an Experienced Kitchen Designer

Remember, the work triangle is only a guideline. It’s not the be-all and end-all of kitchen design! Working with an experienced design specialist can help you incorporate this strategy or a number of others to achieve a fully efficient cooking space. 

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