Not every style can be placed in one particular style box. You may love traditional interior design, but also be looking to modernize. The difference between traditional style interior design and transitional style interior design is subtle. Let’s take a look.

Traditional interior design

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You’ll recognize traditional style interior design by the ornate and luxurious elements. There are intricate design patterns in the woodwork. Although the traditional style comes from 17th and 18th century Europe, the style is rich and timeless. Intricate crown moldings on cabinets and decorative legs on tables and chairs create lavish texture to your kitchen, while the natural wood finished in deep, rich colors will ensure the kitchen still feels warm and inviting.

Transitional interior design

The transitional style trend is going to take the characteristics from traditional design and modernize it a bit. The elaborate and ornate details in crown moldings and other areas are going to be more subtle and subdued. The lines in a transitional kitchen are going to be softer and smoother, helping your traditional kitchen slowly transition to a more modern kitchen. The colors are going to go from dark to lighter, more neutral tones.

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Both styles are elegant and timeless. They celebrate the classic characteristics of traditional design, but the transitional will take the ornate details and tone them down for a more modern effect. The transitional style elements will allow you to add modern touches, like lighting fixtures and hardware.

Classic taste with a modern twist

If you’re ready to take your classic taste and make it more modern without sacrificing some of the traditional elements that you love, look at transitional kitchen design.

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