A tested and true kitchen trend is custom white cabinets. No matter the style of your kitchen, white cabinets will bring light and life to your design. Because for many the kitchen is the heart of the home, sunlight and cleanliness are important. White kitchen cabinets are both clean and bright, making your kitchen a place where people will love to gather. But, white cabinets need to be properly maintained. If not, they can quickly fade and turn yellow. Here’s how you keep your kitchen whites from turning yellow.

Keeping your white cabinets white

Keeping white cabinets from turning yellow.
Keep white cabinets out of direct sunlight to prevent them from turning yellow.

To make a kitchen feel warm and inviting and useful you need plenty of sunlight and a functional space to cook. Unfortunately, those are the two things that also threatened your white cabinets. Yes, it is one of nature’s cruel jokes. Cooking and sunlight can make your white cabinets turn yellow. And, not a pretty bright and happy yellow, but a dirty, unpleasant, sickly yellow. The good news is, with a little maintenance, you can keep your white cabinets white.

Just the right amount of sunlight

Protecting your white cabinets from sun damage is a balancing act. You don’t want to block out all the sun, but you also don’t want the full rays of the sun scorching your cabinets all day long. When you design your kitchen, work with your designer to figure out where the most sun is going to shine, and then hang your cabinets in places where they won’t be in direct sunlight all the time. Of course, this isn’t always possible. If you have sun coming from all angles, then thin drapes can give your cabinets the sun protection they need to stay white.

Keeping white cabinets white
Wipe down white cabinets after cooking to remove grease.

Home cooking can turn your white cabinets yellow

Did you know that when the sweet aromas of your home cooking go wafting through the home, it is actually tiny grease particles in flight? Yeah, that doesn’t sound very appetizing, but, it is important to know because these little grease particles will land on every surface. If you allow these grease particles to sit on your white cabinets, then they will soon appear yellowish and dirty.

Regular maintenance keeps white cabinets white

Make it a habit to wipe down kitchen cabinets after cooking. Or, on a regular basis. Protect your white cabinets to keep your dream kitchen fresh, clean, beautiful, and white.
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