Remodeling your kitchen is a big project that requires a lot of missing pieces. If you’re gutting your old kitchen and making room for a whole new efficient one, there are many moving parts that you have to think about. At the Kitchen Showcase, you’ll get your own personal kitchen design expert that will help you make all the right choices, as well as helping you avoid common kitchen remodeling mistakes.

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Make sure everything is placed in proper relation to each other for flow and efficiency.
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3 Kitchen Remodeling Mistakes

There are huge remodeling mistakes that homeowners often make, such as measuring wrong, ending up with dead space between cabinets, or countertops being too long and blocking off an entryway. Or spacing your appliances, sinks, trash, cabinets, and islands wrong making it impossible to move about comfortably.
You want your kitchen to have great flow, and how you place everything in relation to each other will make a world of difference.
However, there are also tiny kitchen remodel mistakes that you may not be able to spot at first glance and that over time, will make your kitchen a place of frustration, not comfort.

1) The Right Storage Spaces for Your Kitchen

Getting the right measurements and materials for your kitchen is great for the big picture. You want your kitchen to look and feel right, and make a great impression when you walk in. But, when you start working on your new kitchen, you’ll begin to think deeper about your design choices.
Taking advantage of little design tricks for the inside of your cabinets and drawers will help make your kitchen more efficient. Using dividers inside your drawers to separate utensils, or having pullout shelves in your cabinets will help you be more organized, bringing harmony to your kitchen.

2) Cluttering on Your Counters

Kitchen remodel mistakes
Design proper storage so that you don’t end up cluttering your countertops. Credit to Infinity home collection

If you don’t organize your kitchen right, get enough storage units, enough cabinets, drawers, or shelving you’ll end up placing too much stuff on your countertops. A nice big bowl of fruit or veggies can be a beautiful decorative element, so can a few rustic jars or containers with sugar, rice, pasta, flour, etc.
But, you want to design as much custom storage space for everything in your kitchen to free it up on your countertops. After all, you’re going to need it when working in the kitchen.
If every night, you need to clear off your counters before starting dinner, pretty soon you’re going to be ordering a lot of takeouts.

3) Not Consulting Kitchen Design Experts

We want you to love your kitchen. When you visit our showroom, you get to see and touch every product, making informed decisions about the style of your kitchen, and you’ll be paired up with a friendly and knowledgeable designer.
Not consulting with a kitchen design expert when remodeling your kitchen is one of the biggest remodeling mistakes that you can make, so don’t! Get help from professionals at The Kitchen Showcase in Centennial, Colorado.