Eco-Friendly Kitchen Cabinets for Christmas

Custom kitchen cabinets in Denver

One of the biggest trends in home design is eco-friendliness. From the rise in solar panels on the roof to energy-saving appliances, homeowners are always looking for ways to make their home energy-efficient and environmentally friendly. You don’t think about your kitchen cabinets having an effect on the planet, but everything you buy has a carbon footprint, so here are our tips to making the green choice in kitchen cabinetry.

FSC or KCMA certified cabinets

Many quality cabinet makers have taken steps to make their cabinets environmentally friendly. Look for manufacturers that use wood that is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC,) or is part of the Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association’s (KCMA) Environmental Stewardship Program.

Eco-friendly kitchen cabinets
The Morley residences kitchen featuring FSC-certified Crestwood cabinets.

Cabinets from Crestwood, Tidwell, Decora, Koch, and Elmwood Cabinets all have green cabinet options. Whether FSC- or KCMA-certified, these manufacturers have pledged to minimize their carbon footprint and make environmentally responsible choices.

A commitment to an environmentally friendly manufacturing process means:

  • Wood from sustainably managed forests
  • Materials sourced in an environmentally friendly way
  • Using VOC-free or eco-friendly finishes
  • Reusing, reducing, and recycling
  • Minimizing waste
  • Conserving energy
  • Conserving water

Quality cabinets reduce your carbon footprint

Eco-friendly kitchen cabinets
Decora cabinets are trendy, timeless, built by hand for lasting beauty, and part of the KCMA’s Environmental Stewardship Program.

Choosing custom cabinets ensures quality craftsmanship. Quality craftsmanship will last a long time, reducing the time between having to replace your kitchen cabinets.

Choose a local cabinet manufacturer

If you can choose a local custom cabinet manufacturer, then you will also reduce your carbon footprint by cutting out a big chunk of transportation. Every time your cabinets have to be moved and transported from the manufacturer to a warehouse, to the store, or to your home, you are building up your carbon footprint. Anytime you can eliminate a step, you are minimizing your carbon footprint.
Custom cabinets from a local vendor mean that cabinets and materials only have to go from the manufacturer to your home, skipping over a few transportation steps, and thereby helping you get the most eco-friendly kitchen cabinets.

Environmentally responsible kitchen cabinets in Denver

We are proud to be associated with first-class cabinet manufacturers whose commitment to quality matches our own. Tell your designer that you want your kitchen to be environmentally friendly, and we’ll help you make choices that are environmentally sound, as well as speak to your personal aesthetic.
When it comes to cabinetry, the dry Colorado climate can be tricky. Our designers will help you understand how each material will work in your home. Our professional kitchen design services are complimentary and will ensure that you make informed decisions with no surprises. We can also help you find solutions to specific nuances in your home, like small spaces or odd angles, that we need to consider when choosing kitchen products.
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Custom kitchen cabinets in Denver

Bring Your Home Office to Life with the Right Cabinetry

Bring Your Home Office to Life with the Right Cabinetry

Working in the comfort of your home only becomes a reality when you have everything you need in your home office, including the right storage.

Choosing Cabinets to Boost the Style of Your Home Office

Serenity and style can impact your productivity. These two elements are a must in a home office. You probably spend hours in that space. Clutter is definitely not something you want to be surrounded with when you’re trying to get things done. It is essential that everything is tucked away in its place, so your mind can focus on the tasks ahead, whether that is a big project or just some online shopping.
When remodeling your office space, there are many things to take into consideration. Cabinetry is one of them. Here are some tips to help you choose the cabinets that fit in with your home office design.

Choosing Cabinets to Boost the Style of Your Home OfficeDefine Your Basic Needs

Before you set your heart on any kind of furniture for your home office, you must take time to consider your office needs. Other than space for your computer, what do you need? How much file storage do you need? Do you have any tools you need to store away from sight? Maybe files and sensitive documentation too. Make a list of your need as step one.

Consider Your Space and Location

Your choice of cabinetry and home office furniture, in general, will depend on the space you have. If your office is small, you want to make sure not to cramp the space with too much furniture. Some cabinets might come in handy, but overdoing it could potentially make you feel tense instead of relaxed.

Reflect Your Style

Aesthetics are essential. If your home office is a space you spend a lot of time in, you might as well make it your own, so you feel comfortable and happy as soon as you step inside. Start with the style. Do you want to go traditional or maybe contemporary? Your choice of style will determine the materials you need and how you combine them. Once your look comes together, you can think about the details, like chairs and other accessories.
For you to be productive, it is essential that you love the space you’re in. At The Kitchen Showcase, you can find a wide variety of cabinetry options for your home office, kitchen, bathroom and more. For more information, contact The Kitchen Showcase today.

Top-Quality Cabinets For Virtually Any Budget

Denver kitchen design on a budget

TKSI traditional portfolio aristokraft
A kitchen remodeling is usually a big investment for many homeowners, as it takes some resources, time, and energy for the project to go smoothly. And, it is not something that happens each year. So, you want this investment to be functional, beautiful, and to last without any issues. But, as we know, the budget can be the biggest deciding factor when remodeling a kitchen. This, however, doesn’t mean you should compromise for low-quality kitchen cabinets!
At The Kitchen Showcase, we have the best value in top-quality cabinets for any budget, and that is what makes us the best cabinet company in Colorado.
We are associated with first-class cabinet manufacturers, which are committed to delivering the high standard quality service and products that we offer to our customers. Today we would like to show you the cabinet brands we have available for you:
Traditional kitchen by Crestwood Cabinets

Crestwood Cabinets

Crestwood cabinets are custom made with exceptional quality. They are made from plywood box and you can get them in any color, wood, or design. The design styles for the Crestwood Cabinets are traditional, transitional, and contemporary.

Kitchen Craft Cabinets

Kitchen Craft Cabinets are semi-custom with an excellent value, made of a frameless box with the option of plywood box too. These cabinets are available in contemporary, transitional and traditional design styles.

Decora Cabinets

Decora Cabinets are custom and semi-custom cabinets with both exceptional quality and great value. These cabinets are made of plywood box and have an outstanding reputation. With more than 2,000 Sherwin Williams paint colors and a wide range of door styles, wood types, and finishes, Decora Cabinets are a great option for your remodeling project.
TKSI traditional kitchen portfolio dark crest wood

Koch Cabinets

The Koch Cabinets provide excellent value to your home. You can find them in many wood species available, including: red oak, maple, hickory, ash, cherry, paint grade poplar, alder, knotty alder, beech, and knotty beech.

Aristokraft Cabinets

Aristokraft Cabinets add style to your home and are very affordable. You can find these cabinets in maple, cherry, birch, oak, hickory, and rustic birch wood species. Laminate it’s also available.

Danver Stainless Steel Cabinets

Danver Stainless Steel Cabinets are great for indoor and outdoor cabinets and they are engineered like wood cabinetry. These stainless steel cabinets are well known for its high quality and duration.

Contemporary Kitchen four

When Talking About Cabinets for your Kitchen,
We Are The Best and We’re Close to You in Denver

We are the number one Crestwood cabinet dealer in the country, and one of the top five Kitchen Craft cabinet dealers.
We invite you to stop by our new and beautiful Kitchen and Bathroom Design Showroom, located in Centennial, Colorado. We are open Monday to Friday from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm. Evenings and Saturdays by appointment. You can also send us your questions on our website and we will give you the answers.

Beautiful Family Memories are Made Right in the Kitchen

Rustic kitchen cabintets

new kitchen redesign in Denver
Family bonding can take place anywhere, but when it takes place in the kitchen, something magical happens. Even in today’s busy times, the kitchen is the heart of the home. Whether large or small, the kitchen functions as a family hub: it is where delicious and healthy meals are created, where countless good times are shared over family dinners, where important conversations take place and the details of the day are shared over an evening snack. Or it can even become a workstation where you pay your bills and check and send emails from your laptop!

New Year’s Resolutions: Remodel your Kitchen!

But no matter whether you share your kitchen with your family, or occasionally with your friends, your kitchen deserves some attention and upgrade. Look around it. Does it look a bit “worn out”? Have some of the cabinets or appliances served their purpose already? Or perhaps, the layout is not really functional for you anymore? It might be time for an upgrade and give your old kitchen a new life. What a nice resolution for the New Year that would be. Don’t worry, with our kitchen designers and experts, this resolution IS set to be a success! (we can’t guarantee for the other ones).
The importance of a good sized, productive kitchen is vital, to the point where a home’s resale depends greatly on its kitchen, according to realtors! And similarly to real estate, a kitchen’s location and functionality are key. Nowadays, new homes are designed with kitchens as integrated living spaces, so they are larger rooms to better accommodate family and friends for entertaining.

Older kitchens can be remodeled to look newer, more streamlined and more modern

modern new kitchen remodel

Renewing the heart of your home this 2019!

Female Hands Framing Custom Kitchen Design Drawing and Photo Combination.
Getting the custom kitchen in Denver that you always dreamed of has never been easier. If your kitchen needs a complete makeover but you are not sure where and how to start, our designers at The Kitchen Showcase can provide professional advice as to how you can better lay out your space and get your dreamed kitchen underway this new year!
Dive into our incredible catalog and match the kitchen of your dreams to your budget and preferences. We have a wide range of styles, materials, and accessories that will make your design kitchen a success. Whether you want a full remodel of the kitchen, new cabinets, or new countertops, we are the experts you want for the job!
Start making new memories in your remodeled kitchen this new year!

Keep your wood cabinets shiny & your family safe

Morley Residence Crestwood Cabinets
It may be hard to believe, but your kitchen cabinets can be exposed to more dirt, bacteria, and grease than other parts of your home. Especially if kids are frequently opening and closing them, you live in a place where condensation from outer temperatures occurs, and not to mention the grease from cooking that may accumulate over time.
These tips, plus establishing a regular cleaning routine, will ensure your family’s health and some good looking wood cabinets throughout the years!

Tips to Clean Custom Wood Kitchen Cabinets

The best way to clean wood cabinets is with an oil/soap wood cleaner, but you can also clean them using everyday materials you probably already own:

  • Detergent: use any oil/grease cutting dish or laundry soap and water. As a general rule, mix two cups of water with every cup of detergent. Be extra careful to not over wet the cabinets as it could ruin the finish! After applying the cleaning solution, clean it down with a damp cloth and then wipe down with a separate dry cloth.
  • Vinegar: If you don’t have liquid-based detergents, vinegar and water are a valuable substitution. Vinegar is good for removing sticky films, most likely caused by dirty hands.
  • Baking Soda: The hardest stains can be dealt with baking soda. Create a paste by mixing with water and then wipe it clean with a wet cloth.

For all of the above methods, you should first test them on a small area that is not very visible! Is better to wait a few hours to make sure the cabinet’s finish or color won’t be ruined before moving forward with the rest.

Where to get your Kitchen Cabinets in Denver?

At The Kitchen Showcase, we are proud to be associated with first-class cabinet manufacturers whose commitment to quality matches our own. We have a wide variety of cabinets from the best manufacturers to match any budget. Our Denver custom cabinets include brands like Crestwood Cabinets, Kitchen Craft Cabinets, Decora Cabinets, Koch Cabinets, Aristokraft Cabinets, and Danver Stainless Steel Cabinets.
Custom wood cabinets in Denver

Stop by our new and beautiful Kitchen and Bathroom Design Showroom located in Centennial, Colorado, and talk with our professional kitchen designers to start planning your new, dreamed kitchen! We are open Monday to Friday from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm. Evenings and Saturdays by appointment.

Building an Outdoor Playground for the Sewell Child Development Center in Denver

The Kitchen Showcase

Part of our mission statement at The Kitchen Showcase is to give back to our Denver community. Our community has helped us succeed, and we want to pay it back. At the start of 2018, we pledged to help four Denver non-profits fulfill their missions by the end of the year. The first non-profit we chose to support was Sewell Child Development Center.

Building playground for Sewall in DenverSewell Child Development Center

Recently, our team was able to help Sewell make improvements to their outdoor playground facility. Regardless of ability and learning style, Sewell Child Development Center provides individualized support geared towards each child. Sewell has been running inclusive programs for kids ages 0 to 5 years old since the 1990s. At Sewell, all kids belong, all kids are accepted, and all kids learn and grow together.

Building an outdoor playground facility

Playing is one of the best ways for any kid to learn, so we showed up with tools and materials to help make improvements to the outdoor playground facility. The first goal was to give the kids a playground that was exciting and would spark play and imagination. We added a big boat and a row of tires. Next, we painted it with bright, bold colors that are fun to look at but will also help kids that are visually impaired be able to maneuver about the playground. Take a look at this great video of our service day.

The Kitchen Showcase in Denver

Giving back to the community
The Kitchen Showcase and The Lion Project build a playground for Sewell Child Development Center in Denver.

We are fortunate to be able to give back to our community. A special thanks to The Lion Project for helping non-profits get the resources they need, putting a spotlight on their stories, and making our community a better place. If you want to join The Lion Project and The Kitchen Showcase on our next service day, call The Kitchen Showcase. All of our customers and their families are welcome. After all, it is because of you that we are able to give back to our community. Thank you!
The Kitchen Showcase is one of the largest design showrooms in Denver. Stop by for inspiration for your next home or business remodeling project. You can also contact us if you want to give back to the community and join us for our next service day. 

Give Your Denver Kitchen a Facelift with New Cabinets

kitchen remodelling and design

Elmwood kitchen cabinets at TKS Denver

Where to get the best kitchen cabinets in Denver?

Kitchen cabinets are one of the most important elements of a kitchen, so it’s essential you choose them wisely and invest in quality. At The Kitchen Showcase, we are proud to be associated with first-class cabinet manufacturers, whose commitment to quality matches our own.
We have a broad range of cabinets from the best manufacturers for virtually any budget out there. Our kitchen cabinets in Denver include the following brands:
Custom wood cabinets in Denver

Elmwood Cabinets

This premium brand offers 148 customizable door styles and 87 exotic and standard species to choose from. Frameless, inset, framed, and channel cabinetry; custom color matching, a vast selection of finishes.

Crestwood Cabinets

These cabinets are plywood, custom-made, and available in any color and design that you desire, including traditional, transitional, and contemporary designs.

Kitchen Craft Cabinets

These are made of a frameless box with the option of plywood box as well and are semi-custom. The available designs are contemporary, transitional and traditional design styles.

Decora Cabinets

These cabinets are made of plywood box and have an outstanding reputation since you can find them in more than 2,000 Sherwin-Williams paint colors. Decora Cabinets are also available in a wide range of door styles, wood types, and finishes.

Koch Cabinets

Available in red oak, maple, hickory, ash, cherry, paint grade poplar, alder, knotty alder, beech, knotty beech, and some other wood species that will add significant value to your home.

Aristokraft Cabinets

Also made of wood species, these cabinets are available in maple, cherry, birch, oak, hickory, and rustic birch, with the advantage that they are very affordable.

Danver Stainless Steel Cabinets

These are perfect for both indoor and outdoor use, and they are beautiful, durable, and of excellent quality.
Custom kitchen remodel in Denver by TKS

The Kitchen Showcase: the best Denver kitchen remodeling option

Let us show you why we are the best cabinet company in Colorado. Our staff will keep you informed of every single step of the process and will ensure that your project is finished on time. They will always treat your products exactly as we treat you – with the utmost care for all of our customers and their kitchen remodeling in Centennial.
So if you need help with your custom kitchen design in Denver or with your kitchen remodeling in Coloradoget in touch with us!

6 Tips to Spring-Clean Your Kitchen!

Denver Kitchen Remodeling: The Kitchen Showcase

Custom kitchen remodel in Denver by TKS

Take advantage of the season change for a deep clean

Winter is officially over, but the cold weather is not. Since there’s not much you can do outdoors at the moment, why not make a good use of your indoor time at home and give your kitchen a thorough deep-clean?
Kitchen cabinets and drawers in Denver
These are some tips for you to leave your Denver kitchen spotless and ready to welcome the Spring and Summer months coming ahead:

Dust and clean the cabinets, cupboards, drawers, and walls

Believe it or not, your kitchen cabinets can be exposed to more dirt, bacteria, and grease than other parts of your home, so this is a good place to start. This might be a good time also to wipe clean the backsplash and the walls of your kitchen.
Clean the exterior of your cabinets and then empty the drawers and cupboards, sweep out crumbs, dust and clean any stains with a wet cloth and gentle cleaner. If you’re up for it, you can put new contact paper at the bottom. Take advantage of this process to re-organize everything and throw away what is no longer needed, from your kitchen utensils and flatware to bowls, pans and anything you store there.
kitchen design and appliances

Clean the oven, stove, and small appliances

If you don’t have a self-cleaning oven, apply oven cleaner and leave it to work for a while (make sure open the windows for ventilation). While the oven cleaner does its job, you can scrub the stove and wipe down and clean your other appliances, such as the toaster, blender, etc. Make sure to follow the manufacturer’s cleaning recommendations for all of them!

Clean the refrigerator

Throw out any expired food, almost empty containers, and items that you bought and never used. Wash the refrigerator shelves and drawers, and wipe down the entire inside of the refrigerator and freezer before replacing shelves and food.
Custom kitchens in Denver at TKS

Clean the sink, garbage disposal, and dishwasher

The kitchen sink is the one place where odors, germs, and food scraps tend to accumulate. These steps can help you keep your sink clean, which is also a good way to get inspired to do the dishes right away instead of leaving them in a pile! Cleaning the garbage disposal is easily done in 3 steps; and to clean the dishwasher, add a little white vinegar to it before running an empty cycle to get rid of any odors. Don’t forget to empty the food trap afterward.

Scrub your pots and pans

Cast iron: scrub them with coarse salt and a soft sponge. The salt is a natural abrasive that absorbs oil and lifts away bits of food while preserving the pan’s seasoning. Rinse away and wipe dry.
Stainless steel: even though these are considered stainless, they are prone to stains from heat and hard water. To remove them, apply white vinegar with a soft cloth and rub, then dry thoroughly after washing to prevent a film from forming. Never soak stainless steel cookware; this will result in pitted surfaces!

Organize your pantry

Last but not least, take of this important room of the kitchen. Throw out anything that’s expired, including canned goods and herbs or spices that have been in there for too long (a year is a good enough time). Then re-organize your supplies in the most convenient way for you!
Kitchen designs in Denver by TKS
Even though everyone may know the importance of keeping a clean kitchen, we hope you find these steps to deep-clean your kitchen useful. Other things you can also do in the process is to wash the trash bins, sharpen your knives, declutter your fridge’s door, wash the windows and of course, clean and mop the kitchen floor.
And if you think that it is time to renew your tired kitchen in Denver and give it a new look, we can help! Stop by our new and beautiful Kitchen and Bathroom Design Showroom located in Centennial, Colorado, to talk with our professional kitchen & bath designers to start planning your new, dreamed kitchen or bathroom! We are open Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm. Evenings and Saturdays by appointment.

High Quality Kitchen & Bath Countertops in Denver

kitchen countertops in Denver

The Kitchen Showcase carries the best countertops from leading brands in the market available for you! We have a broad range of variety, materials, types, and styles to choose from for your next kitchen or bathroom remodeling project.

Natural stone countertops in Denver
Credit to Infinity home collection

Natural Stone Countertops

Our natural stone countertops look fantastic in any room, providing a natural look, and increasing the value of your home.

Quartz Countertops

The quartz countertops offer a natural look with the added benefit that it doesn’t require much maintenance since they tend to be stain and scratch resistant.

Solid Surface Countertops

If you want a countertop that has stain resistance, is durable and resistant to many household chemicals and solvents, this is the countertop you should get installed.

Wood Countertops

If you are looking for something original and unique for your kitchen or bath, wood countertops are not ever the same due to the variations in the wood grain and color. Another characteristic of wood countertops is the warmth element that it provides to the room.

Steps to a home remodelMetal Countertops

This type of countertops has a classy look to them.  They are easy to maintain and always give a sense of professionalism when cooking dinner.

Glass Countertops

If you would like to add something to spice up your kitchen or bath, this is the countertop to consider. Glass countertops are sophisticated, and have a high-end look along with options to meet your liking in textures, colors, and finishes.

Laminate Countertops

Laminate countertops resemble natural patterns and have high color consistency. They are versatile and easy to work with due to the flexibility that composite materials present.
Contemporary kitchen design in Denver

We Have The Best Materials And Designers In Denver

We’ve helped thousands of customers navigate each step of the remodeling process. From planning and design to proper orderingdelivery, and installation.
Our professional staff will take care of you from the start to the end, and help you create a beautiful home.
Stop by our new and beautiful Kitchen and Bathroom Design Showroom, located in Centennial. We are open Monday – Friday from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm. Evenings and Saturdays by appointment. You can also send us your questions here through our website.

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