Kitchen design trends come and go, but the country kitchen design never gets old. Whether it takes us back to less complicated times or adds some rural charm to an urban aesthetic, country kitchens remain popular. This kitchen style naturally mixes rustic kitchen cabinets with materials like exposed brick and porcelain to achieve a country kitchen effect. Country-style kitchens use natural materials like reclaimed and distressed wood and generally have an unpretentious and welcoming layout.

Often incorporated into an open kitchen design to accommodate a large eating area, this kitchen design also works well in a more intimate and cozy space. Adding earth-toned colors — either to an accent wall or on your kitchen island — will help tie all of these elements together.

Characteristics of Distressed and Reclaimed Wood for a Rustic Country Kitchen

country rustic kitchen nine
Rustic kitchen cabinets add an authentic vibe to your home.

One of the most prominent characteristics of a country-style kitchen is the inclusion of rustic kitchen cabinets. The rustic look is achieved by incorporating distressed and reclaimed wood into your kitchen cabinet doors. Distressed and reclaimed wood contains prominent grain patterns and uses wood that has a natural patina. Rustic kitchen cabinets work really well in farmhouses, or those homes situated close to other natural landscapes. Choosing hardware for its complementary style will take your rustic kitchen cabinets to a new level of charm.

Benefits of Rustic Kitchen Cabinets

Besides fitting in beautifully with evergreen kitchen design trends, rustic kitchen cabinets also provide many other benefits. Their use of reclaimed wood — wood recycled from its original purpose — makes them a sustainable and eco-friendly choice. The natural warmth of distressed wood adds an authentic vibe to your home. Use a mix of various types of wood to add dimension and texture to your rustic kitchen cabinets, but don’t overdo it. Too much of this gorgeous design element can detract from the desired look of authenticity.

If you’re excited to create a country-style kitchen design or have questions on how to get this look, contact The Kitchen Showcase today. They can provide expert advice and a free quote.