Do you ever find that some areas of your home tend to be a little darker and cold? Sometimes if you have multiple rooms throughout your home, you may find that it feels a bit lifeless. While you can attempt to renovate the space to add more lighting, there are also other ways to fix this issue simply. 

If you have a bathroom design that does not feel bright and airy, you most likely need a remodel. While you can try simple DIY tricks, usually having a professional come in and assess the space is the best primary step to take. 

Glass and mirrors will reflect light.
Glass and mirrors will reflect light.

The Challenge Of Windowless Space

One of the most prominent challenges designers face are rooms with no windows. As light is a necessary element for any stylish and pleasing room, it can sometimes be hard to recreate this light if you don’t have windows. Light is needed to bring out the other style elements throughout the room. If you have a gorgeous patterned wallpaper but no light to accentuate it, your efforts are going unnoticed. 

To bring light back into windowless spaces, you are going to have to utilize some expert techniques. Bathroom remodeling in Denver is often made more accessible by working with a team of specialists who can assess your space and figure out the best way to bring in more light. 

3 Ways To Create More Light

  1. Paint the walls a color that reflects lights rather than absorbs it. White is an excellent option for windowless bathrooms as they will reflect all the light, and you add pops of color when selecting accent finishes. 
  2. Using mirrors and glass to reflect light is an extremely effective way to brighten your bathroom design. 
  3. Add custom lighting that accentuates the style elements within your bathroom and are strategically placed in coordination with the glass and mirrors. 

As most of these techniques require bathroom remodeling in Denver, you will have the most success working with a professional remodeler. 

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