Take your ideas from vision to accomplished with these tips!

New Kitchen in Denver
Have you been wanting to remodel your kitchenor bathroom, closet, wet bar, study, laundry, garage, built-in for that matter- in Denver, but always put it off because you can’t quite decide what you want exactly? Or maybe you think it is going to be super expensive and just dismiss the idea without even getting an estimate?
We know it can take some time and a lot of thought to decide to make a much-needed upgrade to your home, but this doesn’t mean it is impossible to achieve. So, to carefully guide you from start to finish in your kitchen or bath project, we’ve created a simple process and divided it into steps. Our goal is to help you navigate the remodeling process and reach an end-result you’ll love!

Think about your objectives

new kitchen design denverThe first step is to begin thinking about your ideal kitchen. Do you want to create your dream kitchen? A room with a high resale appeal? A more usable space? A state-of-the-art showstopper or something else?
You might need to prioritize at some point, depending on the size, in terms of whether you need more space for cooking or more storage space. But, don’t worry, with our design professionals, you don’t need too much of compromises!

Collect design ideas

Keep a folder of the best kitchen photos you find on the Internet and magazines. And for a more creative spark, check out our kitchen portfolio!
Don’t worry if you have two or three design styles that clash visually at first. Take your time, let it sink a little and then you will decide which style you are more fond of.

Consider what you want the room to do for you

What’s working for you now? What isn’t? Discuss the features and functionalities that are important to you and your family. Ask your friends about the features they love or crave in their kitchens. You can also download and complete our helpful kitchen planning questionnaire or bathroom planning questionnaire to think through easy-to-overlook considerations.

Set your budget and timing

Set your boundaries up front, so you feel in control. Also, define your timing. Look ahead at your calendar and determine whether any personal or family events are coming up that could affect the remodeling schedule.
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Contact the Denver Kitchen and Bathroom remodeling experts

Once your vision begins to take shape, the next step is to reach out to us at The Kitchen Showcase. Request a free estimate, call us at 303-799-9200 or visit our Denver showroom.
There, you can have a discovery session with one of our professional kitchen and bath designers to discuss your vision, and they can also visit your home to see your space. This step ensures that we understand what’s important to you and get a feel for the individual needs of your home.