The master bathroom should feel luxurious and energetic. Although you want everything to be functional, when you design a master bathroom, you’re allowed to put a bit more emphasis on items that make you feel good. These essentials will turn your master bathroom into a relaxing, modern sanctuary.

Statement Pieces

To create a modern master bathroom, you need to have a mix of glamorous statement pieces, as well as some subtle accents that will create the perfect atmosphere. Keep your design simple and stick to just a few big items. By keeping the color scheme light, bright, clean, and neutral, you have more leeway to include some bigger statement pieces.

Modern Master Bathroom

Bathtub and Large Shower

The ultimate sign-on luxury is to have a stand-alone tub. A simple, clean, and minimalistic silhouette will make the bathroom feel more modern. The oversized tub that’s simple in design will make everything feel more sophisticated. 

Another modern design essential is the oversized shower. Giving yourself lots of room for each master bath activity will make everything feel more glamorous and chic. Glass doors and tile to accentuate the shower is a fun way to add a bit of color and interest to a majority white and neutral bathroom. 

Large Sink and Countertop

Make your sink choice just as glamorous as your bathtub. Let the sink be a statement piece. Choose a sink that is interesting in design, but still functional and in line with the modern style. Find a sculptural sink and pair it with a natural countertop material, like granite or marble. 

Modern Master Bathroom


Mirrors are essential in any bathroom. In a master bath, the mirrors should be functional and artistic. Oversized mirrors will make the room feel bigger, and they will help disperse the light, so create the right mood. Make sure that they are in proportion to the room. If they are too big, they can have the opposite effect and make the room feel too small for the mirrors. Choose a shape that will flow with the rest of the design lines in the room, creating a nice flow. 

Custom Storage

The final essential in a master bath is a storage space that is unique to the needs of the master bath. Storage should flow with the master bathroom and feel like an organic part of the design. The storage should be functional and eliminate any clutter. Any clutter will cheapen the master bathroom and destroy the zen you are trying to create. 

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