There’s no chance the modern, white, minimalistic kitchen is going out of style. The biggest mistake people make is to forget to add some warm elements in their design. We’ve got a few simple ideas for adding homey touches to your modern kitchen.

Warm kitchen design
The darker the floors, the more warmth they will bring. Keep them matte or semi-gloss, or they become too formal.


Clean, simple, and homey

The modern kitchen has clean lines, simple design, and is customized to meet the functional requirements of the homeowner. Everything has a function, everything is perfectly fitted to the space. Whites, grays, and neutral colors tend to dominate. But, you have to add some warm elements to make the kitchen feel more like home.

Hardwood floors

Adding hardwood floors to a modern kitchen adds instant warmth. The new, white organized kitchen says “don’t get anything dirty!” But the warm dark brown hardwood floors says “don’t be afraid, make yourself at home!” If you’re trying to take some of the formality out of your modern kitchen, consider hardwood floors with a matte or semi-gloss finish. The less glossy the finish, the more homey and casual your floors will be, adding a much needed warm contrast to the cool modern kitchen.

Wood countertops

Modern warm kitchen design
Match your wooden countertop to your hardwood floors for warmth and cohesion.

Instead of natural stone countertops, think about adding wooden countertops and keeping them in their natural state. The modern kitchen can sometimes feel too futuristic and minimalistic. By keeping countertops in their natural wood colors, you can bring your kitchen back to earth. If you also have hardwood floors, think about matching the wood tones for cohesion. You don’t want to muddle the simplicity of the modern kitchen design with too many varying earth tones.

Natural Wood Elements

You can also contrast the custom white cabinets and shelving with a few natural wood elements. Instead of painting everything white, leave a few borders and trim in the natural color of the wood. It’s a nice break from all the white. Lighter wood tones, like blondes, will keep your modern kitchen in the Scandinavian style. Darker wood will make it more warm and rustic.

Brass and copper fixtures

Any warm tones you can gently incorporate into the kitchen design will make it feel homier. A white kitchen can be intimidating. Make your kitchen a place where people feel like they can be comfortable and be themselves. Adding lighting fixtures with copper or brass tones is a subtle way to add warm natural tones to balance out the white. And, when you choose knobs and pulleys, look for warmer tones and natural materials.

Warm modern kitchen design
Bring in subtle earth tones with brass and copper light fixtures, knobs, and pulleys.

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