For a charming organic kitchen, natural wood cabinets are a classic choice. However, there’s something you need to know about your wooden cabinet – they are going to change with age. Like any other living breathing thing, wood will go through changes over time. Here’s how you can expect your wood cabinets to change, and how you can help you cabinets age well.

How wood changes over time

How wood cabinets change
The finish you use on cabinets will protect them from the elements and prevent aging.

Wood will react to the elements. That fresh, juicy, vibrant color that new wood cabinets have when you first get them is not going to be the color or texture they’ll have in a few years. Some wood will go through more drastic changes than others, so the type of wood you choose for your cabinets will impact how they change over time. When raw wood is exposed to the elements, they will go through a process called oxidization that can change the color and tones of the wood. That is perfectly natural, and many times, part of the charm of using wood in your kitchen.

Embracing the change

Some people will find the aging process beautiful. Each little change will add character and history. Allowing your wood cabinets to age naturally can give them a naturally rustic charm. The wood will eventually settle on a color, often one that is deeper and richer than the original color.

Aging evenly

You may love the look of aged wood cabinets, but if the cabinets aren’t aging equally, they can start to look like they don’t match. That can create a jagged effect in the kitchen. Help your cabinets age evenly by protecting them from elements like heat, sun, and moisture. In the kitchen, this means ensuring that you don’t allow the climate to fluctuate too much, despite cooking. Shield cabinets from direct sunlight so that some cabinets don’t age quicker than others.

Preventative measures to keep your wood cabinets young

If you’re looking to help keep your wood cabinets young, there are ways to protect the wood from aging too quickly. The finish on your cabinets will protect them from the elements, keeping them the original color and tone. Staining your wood cabinets can also help solidify the look that you want. Painting the cabinets is another way to prevent them from changing over time.
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