Some things are staples in every kitchen, and the layout will sometimes speak for itself. It’s about creating a comfortable and functional space, first of all. Once you have the plan just right, you can start adding your personal touches to the kitchen design. A kitchen backsplash is one of the most fun and favorite ways to make your kitchen feel like home. Not just any home, but YOUR home.Kitchen backsplash

Benefits to a backsplash in your kitchen

A kitchen backsplash has a functional purpose, as well as a decorative purpose. The backsplash will protect your walls from the backsplash of cooking, prepping, and washing. The material you use for your backsplash can make it easier to maintain, and more durable.

Porcelain and ceramic backsplashes

The classic kitchen backsplash is created using porcelain or ceramic tiles. The patterns, colors, and shapes are almost endless so that you can put your personal touch on your kitchen backsplash. Ceramic and porcelain are porous materials, so they will be finished and sealed before you install them to ensure that they are durable and will protect your walls.

Glass tile backsplashes

Glass tiles are another popular material for a kitchen backsplash. Glass is a nonporous material and is, therefore, a perfect choice for a kitchen. They are easy to clean and maintain. A glass tile backsplash will also remain vibrant and colorful forever, and the shine from the glass will absorb and distribute extra light in your kitchen.

Kitchen design inspiration

Kitchen backsplashNumerous materials can be used to create a creative and personal backsplash. Head to our kitchen showroom to see complete kitchen designs to get inspiration for your kitchen backsplash. The backsplash is your chance to create something unique and beautiful for your kitchen.
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