Gray is the new black, whether in the kitchen, the bath, living room, or bedroom. But, with more than 50 shades of gray, which shade of gray is the right for you?
To find the perfect gray tone is to make your kitchen sophisticated and glamorous, while still being tasteful. The color gray is neutral with an attitude. Each tone brings out a different personality, so be sure to pick the right gray for your kitchen.

Choosing the right gray for your kitchen
Light gray cabinets add subtle sophistication and light to a kitchen.
Aristokraft Laminate Cabinetry

Different Shades of Gray

The beauty of gray is that it blends well with so many other colors. You can choose a pure gray, varying from light to dark, and then add a pop of a happy color to contrast. If you keep everything too uniformly gray, you may veer off towards a gloomy setting.
But, throw in a bright, bold color, and your gray will make a kitchen feel cheerful and vibrant. You can also blend it with different colors to bring in subtle hues of blue, green, or brown.

Add Light to Your Kitchen

White is a great light enhancer in a kitchen. Using lighter tones of gray in a kitchen can help break up the white, and add a little silvery sparkle. Lighter grays tend to be brighter and can add a touch of sophistication to a modern kitchen design.

Natural stone countertops
Natural stone countertops are an excellent source of natural gray hues to add to your kitchen design.

Rustic Grays

Many materials come with natural gray tones. Natural stone countertops will heavily feature grays in all shades from a subtle silver to charcoal. While gray may be the color of the times, you can still keep your kitchen feeling rustic while incorporating modern trends at the same time.
Be sure not to overdo it, so if you have gray countertops or a stone kitchen island, you may not also want to paint all your walls gray.

Adding Color to Your Gray

Adding subtle hues of blues and greens is a great way to add a little color, make your gray personal and unique, while sticking to a simple and modern kitchen style.
However, if you do choose a gray that has hints of another color, keep that in mind when choosing the rest of your products. If your gray has a touch of blue, make sure that other colors have the same hues. For instance, if you have wooden cabinets, take care of understanding the shades in the wood to make sure it is consistent with your other color choices.

Choosing a gray for your kitchen
A blue-gray is a cool alternative to the gray trend that is going around.

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