It’s time to spruce up your home for the summer season. Ironically, the summer interior design trends will feature a lot of greenery and natural elements. Who needs to go outside when you can bring the outside inside, right? Okay, you can go outside, too. This summer, you’re going to want to blur the lines between indoor and outdoor.

Summer design trends
Bring a little greenery into the home.

Bringing nature into the home

The summer trends are all about peace and tranquility. It’s all about nature and organic design. With Greenery being the Pantone 2017 color of the year, it’s no wonder that designers are seeing a huge upswing in every shade of green in the home. From furniture, accessories, and kitchen cabinets, green is going to be hot this summer. Instead of having a tiny terrarium on your living room table, why not look for ways to turn your entire living room into a terrarium, or just hints of a terrarium. We don’t want you to end up living a rainforest – or do we?

Green materials

Besides bringing in a lot of green, from plants to pillows, organic and eco-friendly materials of all kinds are very popular. Allowing the natural materials to shine in all their imperfections and variances will bring character to a home. Allow everything to be stripped back and naked is a great way to reconnect with nature inside your home.

Denver interior design experts
Use organic materials and minimal design.

Organic shapes

The home should always be comfortable. This summer, we’re seeing design trends lean towards the minimalistic. Instead of manipulating materials, we’re allowing things to take organic shapes to create a natural flow in the home.

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