Not all homes have a big spacious kitchen. If you can’t tear down a few walls, or expand your kitchen area, you need to make smart design choices. Designing a small kitchen has a few challenges, but with the right elements, you can still design your dream kitchen, even if it’s small.

Designing a small kitchen
These rustic slab cabinet doors are perfect for a small kitchen.


Challenges of a small kitchen

With a small bedroom or a small living room, you can simply remove items to accommodate the size of the space. However, in a kitchen, there are a lot of elements that are essential. You need storage space, counter space, a kitchen sink, and appliances. Getting all the necessary elements into a small space without making it feel cramped is the key to designing a small kitchen.

Simple design and clean lines

For a small kitchen design, look at clean lines and simple design. Slab cabinet doors are the perfect choice for a small kitchen. The reason we love slab cabinets in small spaces is that too much design can take up too much space. The traditional cabinets with raised panel designs may not seem like they take up space, but with small spaces, you want to keep the design as simple as possible. Too much design will make everything feel too busy. The kitchen will feel more calm and functional with modern design choices.

Making Modern Design Cozy

If you don’t like the idea of modern design, and you’re looking for something more down to earth, then there are ways to tone down modern slab cabinets so that they become more in step with your country kitchen. Use natural elements to make the modern design look more rustic. You can warm up a modern kitchen using reclaimed wood for your cabinets.

Natural earth tones

Remodeling a small kitchen
Talk to our designers about tips to remodeling a small kitchen.

The latest trend in kitchen colors is to use neutral colors with hints of gray. Gray tones will make your kitchen look cool, but feel warm. Use backsplashes on the walls using natural stone to add more earthy elements, making your small kitchen cozy, not cramped.

Avoid too much shine

Shiny surfaces are great for increasing natural light in the kitchen. Although you want a lot of light to make a small kitchen feel bigger and warmer, you don’t want too much light. Having glossy cabinets in a small space will make the light bounce from surface to surface, and it can be a bit jarring. Consider matte surfaces to avoid too much glare, without blocking the light.
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