There’s nothing more classic than a white kitchen and bathroom. But, too much white can leave a room feeling stark and clinical. Although the farmhouse and rustic interior style are popular in Colorado, we’re seeing a big move towards adding modern touches to the homes and making a white kitchen a bit more interesting. One of the biggest interior design trends is using gray as the new neutral to modernize the country home.

Interior design trends
Gray backsplash and walls will modernize a country kitchen

Gray is the perfect neutral

Whites and neutrals have dominated kitchens and bathrooms for too long. But, the hottest new trend in interior design is to contrast the classic white with gray accents. And in some cases, the gray is taking over and becoming the dominant color in kitchens and bathrooms. Having touches of gray is also an easy way to update and modernize a country style kitchen. Blending styles can be beautiful, as long as you are strategic in your choices

Urban flair to country homes

Often times you see the white as the dominant color in the kitchen and bathroom. But, more homeowners are adopting clean and modern style elements and allowing the gray to take center stage. By having grays play a more dominant role in the interior design will add an urban flair to a country home.

Blending nature and industrial style 

The gray that you choose can be a bold contrast or a subtle contrast depending on how big a statement you want to make. Gray tones can give your kitchen or bathroom an industrial feel. But, you have to be careful that you don’t make it too cold. One way to ensure that your kitchen and bathroom still feel warm and inviting is to add a few warm colors and design choices. To find the right pop of color to warm up the dominant white and gray color template, look out the window. Draw inspiration from nature and bring in a few of those colors. By using the colors from the Colorado landscape you are pulling the warmth of nature inside your home, which will prevent the gray and white template from feeling too cold.
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