Bathroom renovations have gone through their various trends — from the all pink porcelain to beach-themed baths. While trends come and go, what’s never gone out of style is utilizing your space to create the timeless bathroom your home deserves. Here are some bathroom design tips on how to turn any sized bathroom into a welcoming space. 

Unique and Timeless Design

A sleek design will help your bathroom feel clean,
fresh, and trendy.

While themes are fun, nothing stands out quite like a sleek design. Choosing a light paint color for your walls will leave your bathroom feeling clean and fresh. If you’re looking to add a pop of color, consider adding colorful towels or other decorative elements.  

Great Materials

Bathroom renovation in Denver usually starts because something needs to be refreshed. Replacing your builder-grade cabinets or stark white countertops can add a lot of warmth to the space, making it more inviting. There are so many choices to be made, and our professional design team will help you make the right choice and create a bathroom that suits your every need. 

Use of Light

For bathroom overhauls, lighting is one of the most important elements in your bathroom. Whether it be a powder room or your master bath, choosing a light fixture that gives enough ambient light to fill the space is crucial in creating a welcoming atmosphere. Installing task light can be useful too, as it adds a functional and personal touch.  

Spa-like Feeling

Get that luxurious, spa-like feel with a neutral color palette and high-end finishings. The addition of plants to your bathroom will bring the space to life — literally. Greenery encourages relaxation and offers many benefits to their owners, like reducing stress. Making sure the atmosphere of your bathroom is warm and inviting is key; for example, you could consider the addition of heated floors to take the space to the next level. Contact our design specialists for bathroom design tips, to talk about your vision, and to bring your ultimate oasis to life!  

Whether you’re working with a small space or renovating the bathroom of your dreams, make sure you contact us at The Kitchen Showcase for professional bathroom design tips on transforming your space from drab to fab!