There’s nothing more classic than a pristine white kitchen. However, white isn’t always white. There are many shades of white, making white the one color that can dominate any style of interior kitchen design.

White kitchen

Modern white kitchen
Modern white kitchen

White is a neutral, friendly, and clean color. In the kitchen, you want a color that will signify cleanliness, and white will do that. You also want a color that can draw in the light, opening up your kitchen and allowing you to breathe. White is also like a blank canvas, which will help inspire your creative juices. You don’t think about it often, but the kitchen is a creative space, and keeping it simple and white will give you the freedom to be more grand and creative with your cooking and baking.

White kitchen cabinets

White is universal and goes with any style. White kitchen cabinets can be modern, traditional or contemporary, but they can also go with a quaint country style kitchen.

Modern white kitchen

To modernize your white kitchen, look for cabinetry with clean, simple lines. Keeping the design elements to the bare minimum is the perfect type of minimalism that you want in a modern kitchen. To add a bit of texture, look to incorporate a few gray tones to give a little contrast to the white. Gray is the most modern of neutral colors, however, in a modern kitchen, it’s okay to make it all monochromatic and keep it white on white.

Contemporary white kitchen

A contemporary kitchen will use elements from modern minimalism but might add a few bright splashes of color. Contrasting colors and glossy surfaces are also a common sight in a contemporary kitchen. Avoid crown moldings and trim. Keep it simple.

Kitchen cabinets on a budget
Clean, white contemporary kitchen design.

Traditional white kitchen

The traditional kitchen will break up the white colors with other variations of neutral. A colorful backsplash by the oven and some organic elements, like a big wooden island are classic design elements in a traditional kitchen. Your kitchen cabinets should also be more intricate in design, with raised panel cabinet doors, crown moldings, and trim.

White country kitchen

Make your cabinets more rustic and elaborate in the design. Using brass, copper, and iron knobs and pulls to adorn the cabinets and drawers will bring the cute country style into your kitchen.
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