Denver kitchen and bath design
Denver Kitchen Designer Greg Hammel

If you’re getting ready to renovate our kitchen and bath, think gray, black, and matte for contemporary charm.

Grays are replacing natural wood cabinetry

Denver kitchen and bath design
Shades of gray are the hottest kitchen and bath trends for 2016.

Both the kitchen and the bathroom should be light and vibrant and welcoming, but working with shades of white is seen and done. For a refreshing new look for your kitchen and bath, look for cabinetry in gray and silver colors. Gray makes a little more of a statement than white, and it still goes with all other colors and textures. Grays can go from almost white, to almost black, giving you more than 50 shades of gray to play with to express your personality.
The perfect shade of gray can make your kitchen and bath look expensive, without being flashy.

Cast iron hardware and black appliances

Since the return of the rustic kitchen, and the new trend towards gray cabinetry and walls we see a trend toward country chic matte black hardware. Accent your grays with cast iron knobs, pulls, hinges, towel bars, toiletry holders, and more.
Similarly, you’ll be seeing a lot more black or dark appliances in the kitchen. A black oven is like a modern day take on having a cast iron pot bubbling over an open fire.

The added beauty of matte colors

Contemporary Kitchen four
Matte gray colors are contemporary country chic.

Matte colors, as opposed to glossy, have the added benefit of hiding dirt and oil better. Family homes with kids will appreciate matte colors being able to hide the inevitable oily finger and handprints of kids running about the house.

Express your personal style

Just because it’s trendy, doesn’t mean it suits your style. Personal style is the biggest trend of all. It is what keeps us innovative and always looking for new ways to help our clients design their dream kitchen and bath.

Kitchen and bath design in Denver

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