Time flies when you’re having fun helping homeowners design their dream master bath and kitchen. With a new year comes a unique opportunity to remodel and reinvent your master bathroom finally. Bring in modern elements and custom items to get the master bathroom you’ve always wanted.

Modern bathroom elements

Custom bathroom storageModern design is really all about keeping it simple. It’s beyond minimalistic; it’s functional. Nothing is added by accident, and all features work together to create a harmonious and efficient space. That doesn’t mean that it can’t have “wow-factor,” but first and foremost, everything should have a purpose.

Freestanding tub and walk-in shower

With a master bathroom, everything should be a little bit bigger and bolder. You may be putting function first, but that doesn’t mean that you give up on style and glamour. Making room for a walk-in shower and a free-standing tub will give you the essential functions of a bathroom – getting washed up and ready -, but the purpose is elevated with glamorous style.

Keep it Simple

Despite the luxury of a walk-in shower and free-standing tub you still want to keep the design to a minimum. Stick with clean lines and neutral colors and not a lot of accessories that will add clutter.

Modern built-in cabinetry

Smart storage space is crucial in a bathroom where you need to keep so many different elements. Keep the lines and the design simple with slab-panel cabinetry and built-in furniture. Built-in furniture will make the master bath peaceful and harmonious.

Counter space

Designing master bathroomCustom storage and built-in furniture will also free up more counter space. Counter space is just as crucial in your master bath as it is in the kitchen. A modern master bath should feel like a clean, open concept, so don’t add chaos to the simplicity by having too much stuff on the countertop.


Make sure you choose lighting that suits each task performed in the bathroom. You will also need lighting for ambiance. Mixing your lighting brings both function and fashion to your master bath. You can also play with various fixtures and sizes to add a bit of dimension and texture to the atmosphere.

Personal touches

Once you’ve put function and efficiency front and center, it’s time to create a few personal touches that are purely aesthetic. Colorful backsplashes are making their way into modern master bathroom design, adding a little fun, color, and personality.

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