Kitchen Interior Design Trends That Are Worth the Investment

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It is not easy to know if something is a good investment or a waste of money. Sometimes there are trends for home renovations that are not carefully thought out, and they become outdated within a couple of years. However, some kitchen interior design trends are worth the investment; you just have to know how to pick them. 

Sometimes, paint color trends become outdated, but things like kitchen cabinets, countertops, intricate backsplash, and small details can make a big impact and continue making that impact year after year. If you want to learn more about any current kitchen renovation trends, you will need to work with an expert. 

Interior Design Trends That Are Worth the Investment

High-quality, professionally installed kitchen cabinets are always going to be a good investment. You can never have too much storage space in the kitchen, and when you can close beautifully finished doors and hide everything away, you can guarantee that your kitchen will always be looking excellent. 

When choosing kitchen cabinets, it is best to work with a company that has experience. You want to make sure they properly install the cabinets that offer you design features and materials that align with the rest of your home. They will also highlight new features that are now available with cabinets, such as special storage racks. Remember, functionality will always be a good investment. 

You can get luxury without breaking the bank.
High-quality kitchen cabinets provide long-lasting functionality.

Statement Pieces

Besides having the staple structural elements of your kitchen like the cabinets in place, you also want to be spending money on a high-quality backsplash. Intricate backsplash design contrasted by minimal and modern cabinetry makes for a great combo. You can also add unique light fixtures and an island – these will always be stand-out pieces. 

If you want to add in small impressionable details, you can choose dynamic hardware, like knobs and pulls. Sometimes the smallest details can make an entire kitchen stand out. By focusing on high-quality products, you can ensure that your kitchen interior design will last. 

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Quartz Countertop Gives You More Creative Control

Designing a kitchen is no easy task. You have to choose from many different materials, figure out the floor plans, and consider your budget throughout the journey. One way that you can take control of your design is by using human-made products like quartz countertops

Quartz is not only beautiful, but it is going to give you more control of the entire design of your kitchen. You can get creative with quartz and work with a flooring specialist to determine the best vein patterns for your kitchen. 

Creative Control Over Quartz

As quartz countertops are human-made, they will give you more control over vein consistency from slab to slab. You may not even want veins, but instead a smooth solid pattern. Regardless of what you want, you know it will be possible when you choose quartz. While many other beautiful stones can be used for your counters, quartz is an option that puts control in your hands. 

Not only is quartz going to heighten your overall design, but it also offers up competitive characteristics when it comes to durability and resistance to moisture. 

Take control of your kitchen with Quartz countertops.

More Benefits of Quartz Countertops 

When choosing a kitchen countertop, you want it to be durable. You will be using these countertops for cooking, making lunches, eating, and many other activities, all of which are going to put your countertops at risk. Quartz countertops will be durable and resistant to external stressors like heat, stains, and moisture. As such, it is an ideal option for people living busy lives or trying to raise a family. 

With more control and more durability, quartz is an excellent option when it comes to kitchen countertops. You can work with a kitchen specialist to ensure that you will be making the best choices for your family. 

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Design Tips to Perfect the Edgy Industrial Style Kitchen

Kitchen Countertop by Infinity Homes

If you’re looking for a way to stand out from the crowd, you may be looking for new ideas when it comes to home renovations. One way that you can create a unique overall home design is by opting for industrial options. An industrial kitchen design is going to provide you with modern and unique looks. 

Many people tend to go classic with this space, but an industrial kitchen design will keep you fresh and unique. When choosing these types of renovations, you also can count on various types of materials working together in unison. If you don’t know how to get started on one of these types of renovations, you’re going to need some help for sure.

Industrial Style Kitchen – What Is It?

If you don’t know what an industrial kitchen design is, first you must think about materials. This kitchen design typically includes lots of exposed brick, exposed plumbing, wood, and other natural elements. There tends to be a lot more open space with neutral tones, including concrete and natural stone. 

Many of the fixtures are going to be metal, including cast-iron and chrome. Depending on your specific preferences, by working with an expert in kitchen design, they can choose industrial elements that still fit your individual stylistic needs. 

Warm lights can enhance your industrial space.

Adding Warm and Cozy Features to an Industrial Kitchen

When thinking of the final touches of your industrial kitchen design, you need to think warm and cozy. The best way to add coziness and warmth is by using lighting. Many people opt for Edison light bulbs enclosed in a cast-iron cage. 

You can also add in brown leather barstools or warm wooden elements to soften the vibe. Combining both industrial elements and warm and cozy tones creates a beautiful contrast that will make your home inviting and unique. To get started on this type of renovation, contact a kitchen expert today. 

The Kitchen Showcase knows everything there is to know about industrial kitchen design and will help you get started right away.

Design Tips to Make Your Kitchen Sustainable

It is possible to have a kitchen in your Denver home that is not only gorgeous and functional but sustainable as well. As you work on your kitchen design, there are many things you can do to create a more eco-friendly design and a space that you love to come home to each day. 

Here are a few ways to help you create a more sustainable kitchen design

Go Back to the Basics

There are a variety of materials you can choose for your kitchen cabinets, countertops, flooring, appliances, etc. As you search for the best items for your house, go back to the basics. Choose products made out of natural materials such as wood, stone, or even steel. For example, choose true hardwood flooring and cabinets to give your home a stunning, luxurious look and feel. 

Consider basic materials such as wood
for your kitchen cabinets.

Consider More Classic, Timeless Designs

As you consider one of the many kitchen design trends, focus on those styles that are timeless and that are not likely to be outdated in a few short years. Implement features in your home that work well with a variety of styles, home decor, etc., so as the styles come and go, you will not find yourself wanting to replace your flooring, cabinets, appliances, etc. This is not only a great way to save on materials but on money and time as well. 

Don’t Forget Recycled Materials

As you work to build a sustainable kitchen, do not forget about implementing recycled materials throughout your kitchen design. This could be something simple such as cabinets made out of recycled wood, etc. Be eco-conscious as you choose the various items for your home. 

For more ideas on how to create a sustainable kitchen in your Denver house, check out our online gallery or schedule a tour in our showroom. You can also contact us to learn more about our services and how we can personally help you create a sustainable, gorgeous, functional kitchen that you love.

The Latest Kitchen Design Trends Millennials Love

Luxury doesn't need to be expensive.

When you tour multiple homes or even visit a professional kitchen showroom, you will notice a variety of kitchen design trends. There are many stylish and gorgeous options you will see, such as a traditional farmhouse look, to a simple, minimalistic style. One trend that many millennial homeowners have fallen in love with is the grandmillennial kitchen design. 

What is Grandmillennial Kitchen Design? 

This kitchen trend is a combination of nostalgia and modern design. It is where you take inspiration from your grandparent’s kitchen and living room, and incorporate it into your modern kitchen design. For example, you may incorporate nostalgic aesthetics into your kitchen that is currently filled with simple, clean lines. This helps to create a space that is bright and full of texture and color. 

Display your collections to help you create
this kitchen design.

How To Create Grandmillennial Kitchen Design

While there are many creative ways you can achieve this design trend, a few ideas include: 

Create an accent wall with a fun wallpaper. You may consider a peel-and-stick product for easy installation and removal. 

Display your collections. Do you have a bunch of figurines? Place them on a floating shelf or an open cabinet. If you have old china or everyday dishes, consider hanging these items on the wall to create a unique and colorful statement piece. 

Mix and match patterns. Implementing patterns in your design is a great way to add a lot of color, and it will make your kitchen area a bright and cheery space. You can implement patterns in your backsplash, rugs, towels, or even on the upholstery on your chairs. 

Choose a statement piece. When guests walk into your kitchen area, what is going to catch their eye? Create a statement piece for this area of the home. It could be a wall, a piece of furniture, your countertops, backsplash, or even your cabinets. 

No matter if you love the industrial look, or you want a more modern kitchen design, at The Kitchen Showcase, we can help you. Contact us to schedule a visit to our showroom or explore our online galleries for inspiration.

The Hottest New Kitchen Faucets

Kitchen hardware & Accessories in Denver

Kitchen hardware & Accessories in Denver
When we design a kitchen for our clients, we design right down to the smallest detail. Everything is important when you’re designing your dream kitchen, and the type of faucet you choose can have a big impact on the final product.

The faucet should flow with your kitchen design

Denver kitchen designers
Bronze faucets are right on trend for a contemporary country kitchen.

Kitchen design trends are leaning towards taking the old country kitchen and giving in clean lines and a smooth aesthetic. We don’t think about the faucet a lot when we’re thinking about how to design a kitchen, but the faucet is usually front and center, so it’s important to pick the right one so that it doesn’t throw off the aesthetic.
We’re seeing a lot of grays in modern kitchen design, so switching your faucet from the classic shiny silver metal to a matte black is a bold statement in your kitchen. It’s the perfect way to get a touch of country in a modern kitchen.
If black is too bold of a statement, think about getting a faucet in a warmer color, like golden browns, rose, and champagne. Your kitchen should be a place where people feel welcome and comfortable. Soft, earthy tones can help you achieve that.

Match your pots and pans

Traditional kitchen design in Denver
Little things, like choosing the right faucet, can have a big impact on your whole kitchen design.

Think about what else you’re going to have on display in your kitchen. Are you hiding everything behind custom kitchen cabinets, or do you have all of your pots and pans hanging above your kitchen island? Try to keep a complimentary color palate throughout your kitchen. You don’t want it to be too busy, and you don’t want your faucet to stand out like a sore thumb because you forgot to consider the whole kitchen design. The small details, like choosing the right faucet, are what gives your kitchen personality.

Faucets are getting smarter and more functional

Hands-free, multiple spray functions, and being able to pull out and pull down your faucet is another way to make your kitchen more functional. Faucets are getting smarter and more sanitary – two very important facets of kitchen design.

Denver kitchen designers

Our designers are always looking for the latest trends in kitchen design. If you’re thinking of remodeling your kitchen or designing a brand new kitchen, stop by our Kitchen Showcase in Denver. Our designers can help you pick out everything from custom cabinetry to the faucet for your kitchen sink.