Use Accents To Accentuate Kitchen Design and Style

Your kitchen design should reflect your tastes and style and the more functional needs of the space. Consider adding accents to your kitchen design if you enjoy spaces that mix and match contrast with continuity. When making your kitchen vision a reality, there is an astonishing number of decisions to make. Often, choosing your kitchen hardware can fall to the end of the list. However, it’s good to remember before choosing them that you can use your cabinets’ kitchen hardware as accents to accentuate your kitchen design and style. If this sounds intriguing and fun, read on to discover how to design your kitchen with a little more personality.

How To Use Kitchen Accents

Kitchen knobs, pulls, and other kitchen hardware come in several styles and numerous finishes and sizes. With some careful planning, the colors and materials of your kitchen hardware can be mixed and matched to convey the perfect accents to your kitchen design. When you get your accents just right, they can add an extra layer of detail to your overall kitchen design.

Contrast and Match To Make Your Kitchen Colors and Materials Pop

Contrast and match to make your kitchen colors and materials pop.

Before you make your final kitchen hardware purchase, it’s a good idea to test all the pieces with your cabinets, colors, and overall style. Besides making sure you’ve got the perfect mix of matching and contrasting colors and materials, you’ll also want to ensure you blend style with substance. Not only do you want your kitchen hardware to add accents to your kitchen design, but you also want it to be comfortable to grab onto and use. Remember, it’s important that your kitchen design represents both your personal style and the more practical nature of a kitchen. Taking both into consideration will allow your kitchen to function optimally and look fantastic.

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How to Design an Open Concept Kitchen

Interior design trends

A major interior design trend popular in the past few years has been the open concept home. Open concept has also taken over recent kitchen design trends and kitchen cabinets. This trend allows an open concept-designed home to have a consistent design flow throughout the main living area. An open concept home that flows into the kitchen allows you to cook and socialize with your family or dinner guests while meals are prepared. Gone are the days when one person — almost always the woman of the house — worked away in the kitchen alone, only to serve a finished meal to her family in a separate dining room. Let’s find out how you can join this kitchen design trend without having to remodel.

What Is an Open Concept Kitchen?

An open concept kitchen is characterized by open shelves that openly display your kitchenware and decorative objects. This design makes the kitchen feel lighter, airier, and more open. If you’re concerned about dust gathering, consider glass-fronted cabinets for a blend of open concept and classic kitchen cabinets.

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How To Create an Open Concept Kitchen Without a Complete Remodel

If you’re not in the market for a complete overhaul and redesign of your kitchen, but you love the open concept kitchen design, a simple design trick is to take the doors off of some of your kitchen cabinets. Rather than removing all the doors, you can do this strategically to create dimension and an interesting visual aesthetic. Consider which items in your kitchen you want to display openly and which items still need to be hidden behind a cabinet door.

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Warm Natural Earth Tones Are Big Interior Design Trends

You may think that bringing the outdoors in is only possible by adding in plants and other greenery, but there are some other ways. You can use warm natural earth tones within your home to stay on top of the interior design trends, while also bringing the outdoors in. 

You can use natural earth tones for the wall color, backsplash countertops, and many other home improvement elements. If you work with a specialist, they can help you choose the right earth tones and how to use them best.

We Want Our Homes to Be More Warm and Organic

Natural earth tones are making their way back into interior design because they provide an organic, warm feeling. More people stay inside these days, and cold, minimalist colors like light gray and light blue are just not enough to keep you comfortable. When looking at potential home improvements, consider dark chocolate tones for doors, banisters, and cabinetry. You can also consider olive-brown and other environmental tones for paint colors to complement some of the other furniture you choose. 

When renovating a kitchen, you can use these colors for cabinetry and backsplash. These interior design trends are an excellent way for you to transform your house into a home.

Earthy tones are trending in 2021.

Taking a Page from Nature 

Another great way to take a page from nature is by integrating your outdoor landscape with your interior design. If you have large windows in your kitchen, you want to landscape the backyard or front yard to extend your interior space. 

Similarly, if you use specific colors in a kitchen or bathroom, you may want to put the same colors out in your landscape. Figuring out the right earthy tones may prove difficult if you don’t have an interior designer’s experience. Thankfully some experts can help you. 

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Color and Patterns Are Returning to the Home

The minimalist home is becoming a thing of the past. People now want bold colors and fun patterns as it is a great way to add life to a space. When looking at interior design trends for this year, colors and patterns are returning, and some think they are here to stay. 

Using different colors and textures, you can add individuality and create an atmosphere that exudes personality. Check out some of the interior design trends that are becoming increasingly popular this year.

2021 Interior Design Trends

In 2021, the interior design trends are incorporating bigger, bolder, and brighter pops of color. Think fun wallpaper and backsplashes with funky patterns. Many people are now trying to incorporate flowers, other artistic designs, and geometric shapes into these accent areas to add a playful quality to the kitchen and bathroom.

If you are looking around your home, thinking it is a bit boring, you may want to try some of these bold interior design trends. Ensure you are working with a specialist so that your design is executed flawlessly.

Bold yellows can add a positive energy to your kitchen.

Brighten up the Home With Some Color

Adding color to your home will not only keep you on-trend, but it is also an excellent way to brighten darker spaces and create a vibrant and energetic atmosphere. With more people staying at home, whether it’s working or sitting in class, you must be cultivating an atmosphere of positivity. Bold colors and patterns are the best way to do this.

There are no more neutral color schemes or gray on gray. These minimal colorless trends are out, and the bold colors and patterns are in.

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Extending Your Kitchen Island to a Dining Area

Installing a kitchen island is a great way to add functionality and luxury to a kitchen design. While many kitchen islands were once used for cooking and cleaning and as an extension of the workspace, people now want a place to sit and enjoy each other’s company. 

If you have a kitchen renovation on the horizon, you may want to consider extending your kitchen island to include a dining area. This will be one way to level up your overall kitchen design.

How to Extend the Kitchen Island and Create an Extra Dining Area

When it comes to extending the kitchen island to create an extra dining area, you want to think about how many people will be sitting there most often. You can do it in several ways. One of the main ways is by adding a cantilevered table to one side of the island to extend outward into the rest of the kitchen. 

In some cases, you want this cantilever to drop down to be at the same height as a dining room table. You may have seen bar top style islands, and while these may provide some use, they don’t give you that same type of dining table feel you would get with a cantilevered extension.

Extend your island for more dining space.

Making Your Kitchen Items Multi-Functional Will Make Your Kitchen More Complete and Efficient

When thinking about kitchen design, you should be thinking about adding more function. Every part of your kitchen can be made multi-functional. By adding functionality, it becomes a more efficient and complete kitchen. A cantilevered drop-down island extension will provide more seating while promoting family dinners and bonding within the space.

With more people spending time at home, you create spaces that you can gather in and use.

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How to Integrate Kitchen Hardware to Flow With the Design

Creating a cohesive kitchen design requires attention to detail. Working with a specialist will always help you choose the correct details; however, you also want to add in your unique flair.

One aspect of the kitchen that sometimes is overlooked is the hardware. Some people spend countless hours and tons of money choosing the right cabinetry, but then fail to choose hardware that flows with the overall kitchen design

Outlined below are some tips you can implement to integrate kitchen hardware with the flow of the design.

Integrate All of Your Kitchen Hardware

All of your kitchen hardware, including the faucet and sink, knobs, and pulls, should be similar. You can integrate them by using the same materials and colors. For example, if you choose a matte black faucet, you may also want to choose a minimal matte black handle for your cupboards. 

Also, if you want a modern kitchen, you may want to choose cabinets with no hardware. By matching styles, you can create cohesion in your kitchen design.

Integrating Hardware Creates a Sleek, Modern, and Minimalistic Appeal

Create flow by integrating hardware.

When you integrate hardware, it will create a sleek modern minimalistic appeal. You can also use the direction of your molding and cabinetry as a guide. These more prominent design elements and some of your other appliances and furniture can inspire the type of hardware you should add to your cabinetry and drawers.

For example, if you have ornate moldings on your ceiling, you may want to choose a detailed vintage type knob for your cabinetry and drawers. 

If you work with an expert designer and kitchen specialist, they will help you choose hardware that flows with the overall design.

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How to Incorporate Modern Technology Into Your Kitchen Design

Adding technology to your kitchen may seem futuristic, however it is much more common than you think. If you’re looking to incorporate modern technology to create a smart kitchen design, you should be working with a specialist. 

Technology can streamline productivity within the space and enhance the overall experience when cooking, cleaning, and using the space with your family.

Technology and Smart Features Are Becoming the Norm

When it comes to smart kitchen design, the main thing to think about is how you can make space work in the modern world. Assess your needs and work with the interior design specialist. They will be the best resource.

As technology and intelligent features are becoming the norm, designers and manufacturers are coming up with new and exciting ways to implement them within your kitchen. One way is by adding technology into custom cabinetry.

Design a kitchen built for the future.

Consider Drawers That Turn Into Charging Stations

Another aspect of your kitchen that you should consider is the drawers. You can also turn drawers into charging stations by hiding away cables and devices. Not only this, but you can also add intelligent appliances. For example, when your hands are dirty or filled with soap and water, you may benefit from having a faucet that you control with sensors or voice. There are also some stoves and fridges that offer new and exciting sensors that can help you cook and store food.

More “no-touch” behavior technologies are becoming prominent as a result of the pandemic. 

 If you want to start creating a smart kitchen design for your home, work with an up-to-date specialist. 

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Interior Design Trends Aim at Making Home More Self-Sufficient

Do you ever look around your home and think about how useful it is? Many people often forget to consider the self-sufficiency of their homes. A self-sufficient home can provide you with multiple functions, whether it’s comfort or entertainment. 

If you are thinking about renovating your home, you should be thinking about self-sufficiency. One of the interior design trends sweeping the nation focuses on creating a multifaceted space. Your home shouldn’t just be for eating and sleeping, but it should also be for living.

Interior Design That Makes Home More Self-Sufficient

When looking at different interior design trends making the home more self-sufficient stands out. To make your home self-sufficient, it needs to be able to serve every function. Whether it’s providing you and your family with added comfort or spaces where you can entertain yourself like a games room or a rec space.

Now for many, a home is also a place of business and school. More children are learning online, and parents work from home, and thus, the home needs to accommodate all these new needs. When creating a self-sufficient home, think about adding a gym bar or even a backyard playground.

Design a home that is self-sufficient.

Extravagant Additions to the Home Now Becoming the Norm Post-Pandemic

While these additions may have once seemed extravagant, they are becoming trendy, with some even saying they are the new norm. As many social gatherings are limited and you can’t go anywhere, you need to bring the recreation to your home. 

Start thinking about the things you can add to your home that will make it more fun to live there every day. Talk to your family and see what they want to include as well.

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Built In Cabinetry Is the Key to a Clean and Organized Home

Do you ever walk around your home and feel overwhelmed by all the clutter? Organizing your home is a great way to create a stress-free environment. Even though many people know that organizing is important, they don’t exactly know how to start. The best method is finding storage solutions and organization systems that help you keep your clutter in check.

Renovation specialists can help you to improve storage and teach you about custom built in cabinetry that will be ideal for improving organization in your kitchen, bathroom, or other areas of your home.

As more people are spending time at home because of the pandemic, homes must be organized. There is no more room for clutter because everybody is around all day to look at it. Before, when you were going to work, you could leave the clutter at home and not have to worry about it. 

Our Homes Need to Be More Organized

While the pandemic may have sparked an urge to purge and help you think about simplifying and organizing, you still must implement specific storage solutions. Custom built in cabinetry is a great way to add ambiance and decorative style while also providing you with storage and organizational tools.

Organize your home with custom cabinetry.

How to Maximize Your Storage

If you are looking for ways to maximize your storage, custom built in cabinetry is the best method. Custom storage units in the home can be used in every room, whether it’s your bathroom, closet, or kitchen.

These storage spaces create cohesion in the home, especially if you use similar cabinetry styles throughout. You can customize the color, shape, and functionality. 

When choosing these types of cabinetry, consider multifunctional cabinetry that will provide you with features like built in storage. 

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The Post Pandemic Home Has Shut the Door on the Open Floor Plan

The pandemic has changed a lot of things. More people are working at home, and so home renovations and home redesigns are becoming a focal point for many families. If you find that your house layout is just not working and that you have run into many issues throughout the pandemic – you may want to consider a closed floor plan

Working with a home design expert is a significant first step. They can give you some tips for creating a home that is ideal for a post-pandemic era.

The Open Floor Plan No Longer Seems Like the Best Idea

As your whole family has been at home for a long time, the open floor plan may not seem like the best idea anymore. Open floor plans were once a trend that was very popular but now not so much. Everybody wants to return to a more privacy focused living space. 

It can be distracting having everything out in the open, especially when people are working from home. More people want to be able to shut the door and get some alone time and not just when they’re in the bathroom.

Private spaces are perfect for post-pandemic times.

How to Create More Private Spaces in Your Home 

Creating more privacy in your home is not always easy. You may be looking for a way to make some more private spaces. One is to use a closed floor plan. By creating a post-pandemic home design that focuses on privacy, you can reduce the appearance of clutter and give everybody their own space.

By creating a closed floor plan, you can concentrate the clutter to only the home’s work areas. Not only that, but the walls and doors are also going to reduce and block noise from other family members so that you can get work done in peace. 

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