Post-Pandemic Home Improvement Trends

Have you been feeling cramped within your household? Or missing your commute and time away from home? If you feel this way, you may need to jump on board the post-pandemic renovation train. Post-pandemic home improvements are running rampant as people want to reimagine their interior design choices and select materials and customizations that improve functionality and make their home more liveable. 

There is no use living in a home that is not going to serve you and your family. You need your home to behave the way you want it to behave so that you aren’t spending all your time frustrated by the clutter or wondering where to store things. Some of the post-pandemic home improvements focus on functionality, but also on simplifying the design.

Interior Landscape of the Home Has Changed

The interior landscape of the home has changed for families across America. A house no longer sits empty for seven hours a day while kids are at school and you are at work. It is continually being used, with people moving and using every room. As there is so much use, the renovations happening now must ensure your home can be everything to everyone at all times. 

Your kitchen is no longer just a place to cook, but a place to gather, do homework, work, read, and live. Your attic can become a new home office, or your basement can be turned into an at-home classroom. The times are demanding that families make big changes, and those changes all start with post-pandemic home improvements

Open up space and decrease clutter post-pandemic.

How to Make Room for More Functions 

You can make the rooms in our home more functional by building better, built-in storage solutions. You can also have these solutions customized to fit your needs and belongings. The more organized your home is, the more room you will have for other functional pieces. 

Too often, people let their clutter get carried away, and it takes an emotional and physical toll. 

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Most Popular Home Improvements Post Pandemic

The pandemic has sparked a shift in thinking and in productivity around the world. Many people are now spending much more time at home and want to make it as enjoyable of a place as possible. If you have been thinking about renovations, you will want to know the popular home improvements that people have been executing during this time. 

By learning more about how other people are trying to elevate their space, you can start to think of some ideas that will be great for your home. You can either start small with bathrooms and bedrooms or start big and transform your kitchen. 

Pandemic Has Made Us All Rethink Our Living Space 

The pandemic has made everyone start to rethink their living space. You may realize that the layout does not work in the kitchen or that the tiles are outdated and need replacing. The more time you spend in a space, the more you can thoroughly look at all the details and see where areas need updating. One common realization among most Americans is that their home needs to be more functional. You are no longer just passing through your home on your way to work and on your way to bed; you are here all day using and living in the space. 

People don’t just want something that looks good; they want it to perform well and last a long time. While these types of renovations may be more expensive, they are well worth the investment. 

Functionality can always be stylish.

Most Popular Home Improvements 

One of the most popular home improvements prevalent throughout American right now are garage, attic, and basement renovations. These once unused areas of the home are now being looked at as a space for opportunity. You can easily turn one of these often empty places into a home office or small living room nook. 

Additionally, many people hope to make their kitchen more efficient and functional by adding a ton of storage solutions. Customizing your home is a great way to get storage solutions fit for your lifestyle. You also want to think about creating outdoor living spaces that extend your interior into your exterior or adding a home classroom to one of your home offices. 

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Rethinking Kitchen Design to Create a Stress-Free Environment

Shelving is a great way to showcase beautiful dishes and can make your kitchen feel more modern.

Renovating a kitchen often means sorting out many logistics, figuring out the budget, and determining how you will make the space work with the rest of your home. While these are critical elements of any renovation, sometimes it is easy to forget one of the other essential parts: the atmosphere. When renovating a kitchen, you can create an ambiance and atmosphere that will evoke specific emotions for people that use the kitchen. 

Through kitchen design, you can target specific emotions, like peace, so that when you are in your kitchen, you don’t have to worry about being stressed out. Poor design choices are often the cause of stress, and many people don’t even realize this can be what is bringing them stress in the first place. 

Rethinking Kitchen Cabinets 

When thinking of your next renovation and figuring out which cabinets to use for your kitchen design, you should be thinking of both purpose and function. If you choose cabinets in the wrong position or at the wrong height, you are only creating more problems for yourself. If you eliminate hard-to-reach cabinets and focus on smart storage, you know that the kitchen will behave how you want.

You can also add in a multipurpose kitchen island so that you have more counter space. You may even want to add another sink to the island as well as an area where guests and family members can eat and enjoy the space while you cook. By adding in these elements, you take a big step towards cultivating a stress-free space. 

Kitchen Upgrades
Clean lines and neutral palettes can create a peaceful atmosphere.

Simple, Streamlined Design

Besides adding more functionality and eliminating areas that are only going to cause you more stress, you should also be thinking about the visual impact. You want to get rid of anything that will be in the way and adds to the clutter and stress of the space. Simple lines and clean textures can create a peaceful space. Remember that peaceful and simple doesn’t have to mean boring. There are plenty of striking kitchen design elements that utilize soft and clean curves to bring personality, without any stress elements. 

If you are unsure which design elements to choose from, you should be working with a kitchen expert. They can help lead you in the right direction and ensure that your final kitchen design is a stress-free place. 

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Quartz Countertop Gives You More Creative Control

Designing a kitchen is no easy task. You have to choose from many different materials, figure out the floor plans, and consider your budget throughout the journey. One way that you can take control of your design is by using human-made products like quartz countertops

Quartz is not only beautiful, but it is going to give you more control of the entire design of your kitchen. You can get creative with quartz and work with a flooring specialist to determine the best vein patterns for your kitchen. 

Creative Control Over Quartz

As quartz countertops are human-made, they will give you more control over vein consistency from slab to slab. You may not even want veins, but instead a smooth solid pattern. Regardless of what you want, you know it will be possible when you choose quartz. While many other beautiful stones can be used for your counters, quartz is an option that puts control in your hands. 

Not only is quartz going to heighten your overall design, but it also offers up competitive characteristics when it comes to durability and resistance to moisture. 

Take control of your kitchen with Quartz countertops.

More Benefits of Quartz Countertops 

When choosing a kitchen countertop, you want it to be durable. You will be using these countertops for cooking, making lunches, eating, and many other activities, all of which are going to put your countertops at risk. Quartz countertops will be durable and resistant to external stressors like heat, stains, and moisture. As such, it is an ideal option for people living busy lives or trying to raise a family. 

With more control and more durability, quartz is an excellent option when it comes to kitchen countertops. You can work with a kitchen specialist to ensure that you will be making the best choices for your family. 

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Texture and Finish Are the Latest Kitchen Countertop Trends

Kitchen cabinet knobs come in a variety of colors and styles.

When it comes to renovating your home, it isn’t necessary to stay on top of all the new trends. But when the trends are dynamic and bold, it is sometimes worth hopping on board. If you are renovating your kitchen, two of the hottest new kitchen countertop trends to look at are texture and finish. While smooth stone may have once been a dream of the past, more people are looking for countertops with a unique texture that adds yet another layer to your overall kitchen’s interior design. 

If you are unsure of the current kitchen countertop trends or are not sure how to get started, get in contact with us at The Kitchen Showcase! 

New Trend to Consider for Kitchen Countertops

When it comes to countertop texture, a leather finish will add an appealing feel to the surface making it more pleasant to touch. There will be small smooth bumps that can be covered in a cool matte finish. If you are currently hoping to have stone countertops installed like granite or slate, having a leather finish will update your kitchen and give it a modern and contemporary feel. 

The best way to assess your kitchen’s needs is to look at the other elements in your home to figure out what design elements will pair well with them. If you work with an interior designer and a kitchen specialist, they can lead you in the right direction.

Kitchen Island Closeup
Countertop finishes add a dynamic layer to overall design.

Honed Finish for Kitchen Countertops 

Another excellent countertop finishing choice is a honed finish. This finish will ensure that the countertops have a smooth and even texture; however, they will be a bit softer to the touch. It is also going to offer a more matte finish, making it an ideal choice for marble countertops. 

As many marble countertops can often feel the same, you can make your home stand out by indulging in this trend. 

If you want to learn more about kitchen countertop trends and some of the other products available, contact The Kitchen Showcase today. 

Design Tips to Perfect the Edgy Industrial Style Kitchen

Kitchen Countertop by Infinity Homes

If you’re looking for a way to stand out from the crowd, you may be looking for new ideas when it comes to home renovations. One way that you can create a unique overall home design is by opting for industrial options. An industrial kitchen design is going to provide you with modern and unique looks. 

Many people tend to go classic with this space, but an industrial kitchen design will keep you fresh and unique. When choosing these types of renovations, you also can count on various types of materials working together in unison. If you don’t know how to get started on one of these types of renovations, you’re going to need some help for sure.

Industrial Style Kitchen – What Is It?

If you don’t know what an industrial kitchen design is, first you must think about materials. This kitchen design typically includes lots of exposed brick, exposed plumbing, wood, and other natural elements. There tends to be a lot more open space with neutral tones, including concrete and natural stone. 

Many of the fixtures are going to be metal, including cast-iron and chrome. Depending on your specific preferences, by working with an expert in kitchen design, they can choose industrial elements that still fit your individual stylistic needs. 

Warm lights can enhance your industrial space.

Adding Warm and Cozy Features to an Industrial Kitchen

When thinking of the final touches of your industrial kitchen design, you need to think warm and cozy. The best way to add coziness and warmth is by using lighting. Many people opt for Edison light bulbs enclosed in a cast-iron cage. 

You can also add in brown leather barstools or warm wooden elements to soften the vibe. Combining both industrial elements and warm and cozy tones creates a beautiful contrast that will make your home inviting and unique. To get started on this type of renovation, contact a kitchen expert today. 

The Kitchen Showcase knows everything there is to know about industrial kitchen design and will help you get started right away.

Expand Your Living Space With an Outdoor Kitchen

During the warm months of each year, you don’t want to stay cooped up inside. You want to spend time outdoors enjoying the beautiful weather. To help you create the ultimate exterior living space, consider an outdoor kitchen

What Are the Benefits of an Outdoor Kitchen? 

There are many reasons to consider an outdoor kitchen. For example, if you love entertaining guests at your Denver home, an outdoor kitchen will give you plenty of space for hosting. Additionally, you will not have to step inside to prepare the meal, but can stay outside and enjoy your guests. 

During the hot summer days, you won’t have to worry about heating your home as you prepare a delicious, gourmet meal. You can cook and prepare your entire meal outdoors, keeping your kitchen and other areas of your home at a comfortable temperature. 

An outdoor kitchen is a terrific way to expand your living space. You will have more space and appliances to prepare large or small meals. Outdoor kitchens are also appealing to potential buyers and can increase your home’s property value. 

An outdoor kitchen is a terrific way
to increase your home’s value.

Best Materials for a Top-Quality Outdoor Kitchen

As you choose materials for your outdoor kitchen, you must be particular about the quality and the features each item offers. Your kitchen design must be well thought out to ensure that no harsh weather will damage this area. A few features to look for in top-quality outdoor kitchen materials include: 

  • Weather-proof cabinets and countertops
  • Fade-resistant materials
  • Excellent warranties
  • Easy maintenance

To help you choose the best products for your outdoor kitchen and to assist with your kitchen design, visit our kitchen showcase. Here, you can browse many products, designs, and trends to help you design the perfect outdoor living space. Contact us today to schedule your upcoming appointment. Plus, if you cannot visit us in person, take advantage of our virtual consultation services. 

Design Considerations for a Kitchen Island

As you work on a kitchen remodel in your Denver house or you want to improve your kitchen design, you will need to spend some time on your kitchen island. There are several factors to consider with these features that will affect your kitchen island’s look, size, and functionality. 

Size Requirements

As you work on your kitchen design, you must determine how large of a kitchen island you desire. The different sizes of this feature will affect its functions. For example, is your plan for a kitchen island to simply increase your counter space? Do you want to add a sink, storage, or extra seating to it? 

A kitchen island is a terrific way to increase the
seating in this room.

Design Aesthetics 

You don’t have to settle for a boring and bland kitchen island. This area of your kitchen can become a statement piece. For example, you may consider custom cabinets on your island with exquisite details. You may enhance this feature with various accent pieces. You can also make your kitchen island stand out by painting the base a different color than the rest of the cabinets in your Denver kitchen. 

Be creative and have fun as you design your kitchen island. For example, add an additional area on your kitchen island that could be used as a small table. As you determine the different designs you want to implement on this kitchen feature, make sure to create this feature so it is functional, trendy, and matches your current kitchen design

Contact us at The Kitchen Showcase to help with your kitchen design. We want to help you create a gorgeous, functional, and aesthetically-appealing kitchen area. Our design specialists are ready to help you create your dream home. 

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How to Prepare For Your Kitchen Remodel

A kitchen remodel in your Denver home is an exciting adventure. However, it can also be intimidating and a little overwhelming. This is a major home project, and you may feel a little inconvenienced and not know what to fully expect for a few weeks. 

Here are a few ideas to help you best prepare for your upcoming kitchen remodel

Work with professional design specialists and
contractors to ensure a successful home remodel.

Work With the Professionals

Before the construction begins, always work with kitchen design professionals. These individuals can help you design your ideal kitchen with the perfect layout, cabinets, countertops, and light fixtures. They have unique and creative ideas that will help to customize this space for your family, baking needs, and much more. 

Keep in mind that not only should you work with kitchen design experts, but you must always hire professional contractors as well. This will ensure the entire remodel process from start to finish is completed correctly, and no corners are cut. 

Getting Ready for Your Kitchen Remodel

Before the project begins, spend time preparing your home. Pull out all personal items and place them in another area on your property where they will be safe. You may want to move food and dishware to areas in your home that are convenient and accessible, particularly while construction is underway. 

The more prepared you are for a kitchen remodel in your Denver home, the more you will enjoy the process. You will feel less stressed and will be able to handle any challenge or obstacle that comes along with more grace and understanding. 

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Essential Types of Lighting for Your Kitchen

If you want to create the perfect kitchen in your Denver home, you must focus on more than the color of paint on your home’s walls or the type of countertops you choose to install. An essential element that should never be overlooked in your Denver house is your kitchen lighting

Types of Lighting

There are different types of lighting you can implement into your kitchen design. Each type will bring a unique look and feel into this high-trafficked room in your Denver home. The three main types include: 

Task: Task lighting is lighting that focuses on a specific area in the room. It makes tasks easier, such as meal preparation or cooking on a stovetop. 

Ambient: Ambient lighting is general lighting in the room. Ambient light fixtures produce the primary light in the kitchen space.

Decorative: Decorative lights enhance the style and design in the kitchen. These lights don’t necessarily serve a particular function aside from creating a statement piece in the room. 

There are many lighting styles to consider for your kitchen.

Styles of Lighting

In addition to the various types of kitchen lighting, there are also many styles. Three of the most popular styles include pendant, recessed, and surfaced. Not all of these light styles will be a perfect fit in your Denver home. For example, pendant lights complement areas above kitchen islands or long countertops. They can look out of place installed in a wide, open space. 

If you want to improve the kitchen lighting in your Denver home, visit our showroom. Here, you can gather plenty of ideas to help you transform your kitchen into your dream room. If you cannot make it in person to tour our showroom, check out our online gallery for inspiration

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