Making Rustic Design Choices Sophisticated

Rustic Kitchen Design

Learning how to blend warm rustic design choices with sophistication can revolutionize your home experience. By decorating your home with a combination of complementary home decor styles, you can create a space that is as unique as it is inviting. After all, combinations of styles offer something new that can capture the eyes and minds of those who pass through it. 

Rustic design choices have vintage feels to them, but they can be modernized using more sophisticated designs that are tailored to your tastes. 

Rustic Design Choices
Sleek, sophisticated, clean lines of the kitchen cabinetry and design complement the exposed rustic beams and stone walls.

Elevating Rustic Design Choices

Blending rustic design with sophisticated elements is a perfect strategy for country-style homes with interesting rustic architecture and features to blend with modern interior design. Rustic design choices add a comfort level to any space. However, if you want to ensure the success of your renovation, your re-design should be as aesthetically pleasing as it is architecturally sound. 

By mixing rustic design choices with more sophisticated elements, you add more serenity to your country-style home. From the upholstery to the floral arrangements, a rustic design with a sophisticated touch can bring a more natural feel to your home.

Merge the Old With the New 

Balancing old and new styles communicates a combination of both sophistication and homeyness. A good mesh of modern and country chic styles gives you an ideal rustic and modern blend that will pique the interest of every person who enters your home. 

It’s also a good way to rejuvenate your country-style home, adding value to the property and optimizing your living experience for as long as you want to live there. Consider mixing up your rustic design choices in a more modern way. 

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Interior Design Trends to Incorporate in 2021

Interior Design Trends
Interior Design Trends 2021
Don’t be afraid to include bold, bright colors and patterns in your interior design choices.

This year is filled with a ton of interior design trends that modernize the way we live and style our homes. As people begin to recognize the importance of a safe and comfortable home environment, homeowners are starting to prioritize more investments into their living space. One thing that homeowners are gradually realizing is that now is the time to be bold with their design choices. 

By including bolder colors and patterns, you add more personality to your home. Considering you’ve likely been home more than usual, make your space as attractive as possible to maximize its appeal. These simple interior design trends will help you increase its aesthetic value in the most seamless way possible. 

Bold Interior Design Trends

If there’s one thing that the last year and a half have taught people, it’s that there’s never a better time than now to go all out. Make your home as fun and functional as possible. Typically, people tend to go with conventional wisdom when it comes to their stylistic preferences. Most tend to stay safe and conservative as they try to improve their home’s value and appeal. However, this kind of thinking is becoming outdated. Don’t be afraid to include bold colors and patterns in your interior design strategy as you look to upgrade your home’s appearance. Bold colors may even increase your home value, depending on the buyer. 

More is More!

We’re moving away from minimalistic and modern design as the times evolve and we get used to the new normal we’re living in. Don’t be scared of going with maximalist design choices to greatly enhance your home’s quality. Interior design trends in 2021 lean towards blending styles, colors, textures, and patterns. 

Expanding your horizons and adding more creativity can only serve to make your home experience more fulfilling. 

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Inject Personality Into Kitchen Design with Backsplashes

Kitchen backsplash

Your kitchen is one of the most utilized areas of your home. And it should be! But it should also be one of the most aesthetically pleasing areas in your home as well. Whether you’re cooking a meal for your family or merely passing through with visitors while socializing, a kitchen can be a dynamic social area to show off your living space. 

One of the most appealing aspects of kitchen design is a backsplash. By using backsplashes, you add a great amount of color and personality to your kitchen. Backsplashes create a quality backdrop for your appliances while also complementing the rest of your interior design choices.

Your kitchen design is one of the first things that stand out to prospective buyers. Sometimes one great kitchen is all it takes to move the needle on your property value. 

Backsplashes Add a Visual Focal Point to the Kitchen 

Kitchen cabinets
Backsplashes showcase the creative side of a home.

Backsplashes give your kitchen an instant visual element, making it the first noticeable thing people see when they walk around your kitchen. Backsplashes are vital to kitchen design, allowing homeowners to flex their creative muscles. You can opt for traditional, modern, or contemporary backsplashes to compliment your kitchen design. They also come in stone, glass, and ceramic materials. They even have different size and shape ranges – adding an additional functionality to your home environment. 

What Else Do Backsplashes Offer?

Not only do backsplashes provide great kitchen design benefits, but they also protect your walls from spills and other messes. Backsplashes, for example, are great safety nets for whenever the food on your stove splashes out of the pan. 

Using non-porous materials, backsplashes can considerably reduce stain risks by preventing liquid penetration through their surface. Backsplashes also eliminate hard to remove stains that can take forever to clean. Add that to the list of aesthetic benefits, and you have an attractive design piece that enhances your kitchen design.

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Interior Design Trends: What Every Home Needs in 2021

Interior design trends

Homeowners are becoming enticed by interior design trends that cater to the new normal we live in. Countless people have been forced to work from home while also adjusting their daily routines. For that reason, many folks have been forced to adjust their image of an ideal home.

Homes, for example, are becoming increasingly multifunctional, enabling us to perform both outdoor and indoor activities from the comfort of our home. Every home needs to be adaptable in 2021, and these interior design trends will point you in the right direction. 

Every Home Needs a Bar and Gym 

Interior Design Trends
Double up your expanded office space into a classroom for added convenience.

Before the pandemic, you could easily hit up the local bar on a Friday night or head to the nearest gym for your daily workout. Thanks to the new normal, you have to be more careful anytime you’re heading to either of these places as crowds begin to re-gather. 

Fortunately, you can save yourself the trouble by bringing the bar and/or gym to your home. You can opt for a mini-bar or get a more elaborate bar that meets your décor needs and fits your space. Additionally, with spending on home fitness equipment jumping over the past year, building a home gym may save you from spending mountains of money on unused membership fees. It also makes things more convenient for you, especially after a long workday. 

How About a Bigger Office Space?

Working from home could be here to stay for the long-term, at least in some form. So, why not catch up with the latest interior design trends by expanding your office space? You upgrade it to increase your comfort levels and productivity. And, you can also transform it into a bedroom or playroom, depending on the situation. If you’re going to continue being at home so often, you might as well make the most of it!

Shop for the Latest in Interior Design Trends

Another one of the interior design trends to keep in mind is custom cabinets, countertops, and built-in storage units. Schedule a showroom visit right away.

Essential Bathroom Design Elements

A relaxing, spa-like bathroom design has as much to do with a feeling as it does with the actual fixtures and materials in the bathroom. The goal is to create a tranquil space where you can soak away the day’s worries and concerns. Keeping some design elements in mind will help you make this dream oasis become a reality. 

The goal is to create a tranquil space where you can soak away the day’s worries and concerns.

Bathroom Design Essentials

To create a clean and tranquil atmosphere means providing storage areas for commonly used items. A bathroom design that incorporates smart storage solutions will have a place for everything. By hiding away things in cabinets and drawers when they are not being used, you can create a clutter-free zone that is elegant in its simplicity. This simplicity is ideal when you need a calm and soothing environment. 

Function and Style

It is possible to blend function with style so that you get a bathroom that looks great while also being as functional as possible. 

A relatively small space like a bathroom is great for splurges that you wouldn’t do in other areas. This could be upgrading the shower walls to large stone tiles, or getting a rain showerhead installed, or splurging on the floor-mounted bath taps that you saw in a showroom. 

Depending on the size of the bathroom, you could make the bathtub a feature element by placing it at one end of the room under a window.  

When it comes to bathtubs, there are many options, from budget-friendly options to absolutely extravagant options that cost more than some cars. 

The vanity, where the sink will be held, is another consideration and an option to show off your personal style. For the antique lover, a repurposed washstand with a vessel sink may be the perfect thing. A modern design fan may prefer a floating vanity with a concrete wedge sink. 

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Visit a Kitchen Showroom to Visualize Your Dream Kitchen

Planning your dream kitchen? Or any kitchen remodel? Visiting kitchen showrooms will help to improve your kitchen design. You will be able to see a range of kitchen cabinet styles in person and experience how they feel. 

Seeing things in person is a great way to make sure nothing is left to chance.

Benefits of Visiting a Kitchen Showroom

When you can see what your new kitchen cabinets will look like in person instead of looking at them on a screen, you’ll have a better understanding of their scale. Seeing things in person is a great way to make sure nothing is left to chance. 

When considering colors, it is vitally important that you visit a kitchen showroom to see them in person before making a decision. On a screen, colors rarely look the way they do in real life. It’s quite possible that you won’t like a color you thought you liked on a screen. 

Even when you know exactly what you want, visiting a showroom can help you to visualize your ideal kitchen and reinforce that you’ve made the right decisions. 

If you don’t know exactly what you want in a kitchen, visiting a showroom is a great way to get inspiration. This is also the place to go for information about options for your new kitchen. While there, you might see things you hadn’t considered before, but that would be perfect for your new kitchen. 

When the showroom has a wide selection of cabinet and hardware styles, you can mix and match in the showroom to find the combination that works just right. Making these choices before construction is a much better idea than waiting until the build has started.

Planning Stage

Visiting kitchen showrooms in the planning stage of your kitchen project is the ideal time, as you will be able to incorporate any ideas or inspiration you get from the showroom without having to go through major design changes. 

Are you ready to start planning your kitchen project? Schedule a showroom visit today. 

A Functional Outdoor Kitchen is the Latest Home Design Trend

Functional Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor living spaces are becoming more common, extending the cozy indoor environment to the great outdoors. Creating an outdoor living space with a functional outdoor kitchen takes your cooking and entertaining possibilities to a new level. 

Essential components to a functional outdoor kitchen

The focal point of the outdoor living space is a fully functional outdoor kitchen, complete with custom cabinetry and high-end outdoor grills and appliances. No one does outdoor kitchens and living spaces better than NatureKast. NatureKast offers custom cabinetry that is both beautiful, durable, and weather-resistant. 

Cabinets and panels are made from a high-density resin that mimics the look and feel of real wood. NatureKast outdoor kitchen equipment doesn’t just look good, it is built to thrive in an outdoor environment. 

The Kitchen Showcase features the best of Naturekast outdoor kitchen products, including: 

Functional Outdoor Kitchen
High-end luxury outdoor kitchen equipment that is functional and weather-resistant by NatureKast.
  • Grill bases
  • Hoods
  • Cabinetry
  • Panel

All grill bases and hood ranges are made from rust-resistant and weatherproof materials, adding a luxurious aesthetic that lasts a lifetime in the Colorado climate. 

Top-quality outdoor kitchen cabinetry

Outdoor kitchen cabinetry is designed to withstand the elements without compromising on style. The NatureKast cabinetry takes a cue from the visual elements of nature to create a beautiful and stylish outdoor living space that matches the beauty and function of your indoor kitchen. 

Customize the cabinetry to suit your style and make it efficient and functional, including the grill bases. Consider the best way to organize and customize cabinetry to fit all of your outdoor kitchen supplies, relieving you of having to run back and forth to your kitchen to grab essential equipment for outdoor cooking. 

Our design team can help with the outdoor kitchen products, but don’t forget to add cozy lounge elements so that your guests have a place to mingle and relax while you are mastering the grill. 

Schedule a showroom visit to see the possibilities for an outdoor kitchen and living space.