Open Door Ministries – Kitchen Show Case

Kitchen cabinetry and countertops in Denver

Kitchen cabinetry and countertops in Denver
We love designing kitchens and bathrooms for our clients throughout Denver and beyond. We strive to provide the very best for each client, from the design process to the products that we recommend. We are fortunate to have built a successful company based on quality design and great customer service. The best part of our success is being able to partner with local area outreach programs in Denver. Take a look at our most recent project, “Open Door Ministries,” in partnership with the Lion Project.
Open Door Ministries – Kitchen Show Case from The Lion Project on Vimeo.

The Kitchen Showcase gives back to the Denver community

There’s nothing better than giving someone their dream kitchen or bath. However, we understand that not everyone is fortunate enough to afford a new kitchen, let alone an old kitchen. That’s why Denver-born Jeremy Pfaff, owner of The Kitchen Showcase, has made sure that giving back to those less fortunate is part of our mission statement and our corporate culture.

The Lion Project and Open Door Ministries

We are proud to be able to partner with The Lion Project and come to the Open Door Ministry to help make an impact in our community. Open Door Ministries provide opportunities for the homeless to get job training to help get them some experience and get them back on their feet.

Kitchen cabinetry and countertops
We’d like to thank all of our clients. Your business is what allows us to partner with local outreach programs and give back to our Denver community.

The Kitchen Showcase in Denver

We’d like to thank our loyal customers for trusting us with your kitchen cabinetry and countertop needs. You can feel proud knowing that your business is helping us give back to the Denver community to be a positive presence and make an impact on the lives of those less fortunate.
If you want beautiful, socially responsible cabinetry and countertops, stop by our showroom and talk to a design expert.

How to Avoid Stains on Your Kitchen Countertop, Part 2

kitchen showcase feng shui cures for your kitchen

So, previously we addressed the subject of how your kitchen’s countertop, naturally suffers from the multiple purposes we have for our kitchen.
We also analyzed different actions and techniques you can apply in order to keep your countertops nice and shiny all the time.
Now, because all countertops are different and they come in a wide range of materials and styles, we were emphatic in the importance of knowing your countertop and its materials before applying any cleaning products.
On our previous post, we went over stone made countertops, such as granite, marble and quartz. Today, we would like to conclude the subject and discuss the techniques and procedures to keep clean and avoid stains on countertops made of other materials such as steel and concrete.

Avanti 1The Right Way

Before saying anything, we would like to remind you that no matter what happens, always try to clean any spills at once. The longer it stays sit, the harder it would be to clean it.


Concrete is a great option of countertop material because of its versatility and wide range of styles and colors. Concrete’s two main ingredients (sand and water) are abundant, and recycled materials like glass can be included in the mixture as well, making its surface eco friendly.
You can clean concrete surfaces, by using a mixture of vinegar and water. Avoid abrasive soaps and cleaning solutions containing harsh chemicals. Abrasive pads and sponges can damage the surface as well.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is very sensitive to the atmosphere, and when it’s exposed to harsh chemicals or materials, it can become permanently damaged. Nonetheless, it is a very popular choice.
To keep its modern and shinny look regularly wash the surface with warm water and a small amount of baking soda. Always thoroughly dry your countertops after cleaning to prevent water spots. Leaving wet materials on a surface will lead to discoloration.
nav-firstMineral deposits can be extremely tough to clean on stainless steel. Use a small amount of vinegar and rinse with water to remove these deposits. Avoid abrasive materials like steel wool. Rough cloths or pads will scratch the surface and ruin stainless steel’s reflective finish.

Ceramic Tile

Ceramic titles counters have the particular quality that unlike most other surfaces, it can take the heat from hot pots and pans. –A pretty handy attribute for the kitchen.
Ceramic tiles are extremely durable, but the grout between them is soft, porous and prone to cracks. To keep the ceramic countertop clean, use a toothbrush or nailbrush to scrub grout. To remove mildew, dip the brush in household bleach. Rinse with water to finish the job.
We have already discussed several suggestions and cleaning tips for at least 7 different kitchen countertops made of diverse materials, but we still have more cleaning tips for other types of countertop materials. Follow us on our next posts until we reach yours.

The Hottest New Kitchen Faucets

Kitchen hardware & Accessories in Denver

Kitchen hardware & Accessories in Denver
When we design a kitchen for our clients, we design right down to the smallest detail. Everything is important when you’re designing your dream kitchen, and the type of faucet you choose can have a big impact on the final product.

The faucet should flow with your kitchen design

Denver kitchen designers
Bronze faucets are right on trend for a contemporary country kitchen.

Kitchen design trends are leaning towards taking the old country kitchen and giving in clean lines and a smooth aesthetic. We don’t think about the faucet a lot when we’re thinking about how to design a kitchen, but the faucet is usually front and center, so it’s important to pick the right one so that it doesn’t throw off the aesthetic.
We’re seeing a lot of grays in modern kitchen design, so switching your faucet from the classic shiny silver metal to a matte black is a bold statement in your kitchen. It’s the perfect way to get a touch of country in a modern kitchen.
If black is too bold of a statement, think about getting a faucet in a warmer color, like golden browns, rose, and champagne. Your kitchen should be a place where people feel welcome and comfortable. Soft, earthy tones can help you achieve that.

Match your pots and pans

Traditional kitchen design in Denver
Little things, like choosing the right faucet, can have a big impact on your whole kitchen design.

Think about what else you’re going to have on display in your kitchen. Are you hiding everything behind custom kitchen cabinets, or do you have all of your pots and pans hanging above your kitchen island? Try to keep a complimentary color palate throughout your kitchen. You don’t want it to be too busy, and you don’t want your faucet to stand out like a sore thumb because you forgot to consider the whole kitchen design. The small details, like choosing the right faucet, are what gives your kitchen personality.

Faucets are getting smarter and more functional

Hands-free, multiple spray functions, and being able to pull out and pull down your faucet is another way to make your kitchen more functional. Faucets are getting smarter and more sanitary – two very important facets of kitchen design.

Denver kitchen designers

Our designers are always looking for the latest trends in kitchen design. If you’re thinking of remodeling your kitchen or designing a brand new kitchen, stop by our Kitchen Showcase in Denver. Our designers can help you pick out everything from custom cabinetry to the faucet for your kitchen sink.

Knock Knock… Trick or Treat!

Country Rustic By TKS

That’s right! We are just days away from listening to little devils and witches knocking at our doors, threatening to cast spells on us, unless we share some sweets and goodies with them. 
Like good Americans, we all try to catch the evil spirit and prepare ourselves for the scary night. It is not just a matter of picking up a custom and helping your kids with theirs. It also requires a spooky environment.
Here are some easy and affordable ideas that we found surfing on the web and might give you some hints on how to transform your kitchen and home into a living nightmare… Do you dare?

Brian 2Table or Countertop

Tables and countertops are excellent spaces to place spooky decorations. Of course, consider the fact that you need this space to cook and eat, so try not to overload it. Think of easy and small adornments, such as: Candles and pumpkins.
Different sizes of pumpkins are useful. You should always take the big one and carve a scary face and place a candle inside. You can also paint 3 mid size pumpkins white, and spell “boo”, on them. Then, set black or silver candles around it.
With a white nylon string or other similar material, you can build a spider web for the candles and pumpkins to sit on. Black spider webs are also scary.

Fridge and Kitchen

Your refrigerator and your kitchen oven are excellent spots to place black paper spiders. You can also draw and cut a paper spider web to place them on. You can also try other insects or animals like ants, bats or cockroaches.
Another good idea is to cut some big paper eyes and mouth and place them on your oven and create a ghostly or monstrous kitchen. Just be careful it doesn’t bite you back.

Empty Jars

We all have empty jars in our kitchen. You can use these, as scary decorations, by placing a toy spider or a black paper spider inside it. Then, place your spooky jar at the tabletop, near a fireplace or anywhere you wish.

TKSI traditional kitchen portfolio dark crest woodRubber Gloves

How about a dead man’s hand? Just take a rubber kitchen  glove and fill it with paper, paint it pink and then put some red blood on it. Place it anywhere you want, a butcher’s knife could go well along with it.

Witch Legs

These are great and very easy to create. Just grab a couple of long striped socks and place them on the table legs. Then, put two pairs of pointy women shoes. Just be careful it doesn’t run away.
Using the same technique you can fill the long socks with paper or a tree branch and place the witch legs under the fridge, house or anywhere else you think the smashed witch illusion works.

Dry Branches

Dry branches are excellent spooky adornments. Look for a flower vase and place some dry branches on it. Tie black string and small black spiders on it. You won’t be able to get near it without feeling they are all over you.
These are just a few affordable ideas to make a scary environment for your home, but there are hundreds even thousands of ideas out there you can use to create a spooky kitchen this Halloween. It is just a matter of letting your imagination flow and make your worst nightmares real. Happy haunting!

The Kitchen Showcase Offers Denver's Best Custom Cabinets

Kitchen improvements before selling

When it comes to custom cabinets for your Denver home there is only one place to go…

It doesn’t matter what particular style your home has, or what is your current budget. We are confident we can find the best cabinets for your kitchen or bath, let us work together to transform that interior space into a walk-in masterpiece. When you decide to upgrade your cabinets you are not only making your kitchen more beautiful, you are also making the workspace much more efficient. Imagine your kitchen with a place for every item, no more clutter. You will now have all that extra countertop space, to actually cook. That image does not have to stay planted in your brain. The Kitchen Showcase can help you achieve it.
We know what works and what doesn’t, so you can count on the fact that if you get it from us it is meant to last and stay beautiful for a very long time. It’s our job to help you narrow down your options and figure out how to make your dreams a reality… within your budget. We know how to deliver exceptional results for every budget level. There is absolutely no pressure to buy more than you want to spend.
At The Kitchen Showcase we always try to exceed our customer’s expectations by delivering the best customer service possible. To achieve our goal, we have gathered the best kitchen and bath designers, and they are more than willing to help you create the kitchen & bathroom of your dreams. We invite you to stop by our new and beautiful Kitchen and Bathroom Design Showroom, located in Centennial, Colorado. We are open Monday to Friday from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm. Evenings and Saturdays by appointment. Also you can send us your questions through our website and we will answer.

Every Shade of Gray for Your Kitchen and Bath

Denver interior design

Denver kitchen and bath design
Denver Kitchen Designer Greg Hammel

If you’re getting ready to renovate our kitchen and bath, think gray, black, and matte for contemporary charm.

Grays are replacing natural wood cabinetry

Denver kitchen and bath design
Shades of gray are the hottest kitchen and bath trends for 2016.

Both the kitchen and the bathroom should be light and vibrant and welcoming, but working with shades of white is seen and done. For a refreshing new look for your kitchen and bath, look for cabinetry in gray and silver colors. Gray makes a little more of a statement than white, and it still goes with all other colors and textures. Grays can go from almost white, to almost black, giving you more than 50 shades of gray to play with to express your personality.
The perfect shade of gray can make your kitchen and bath look expensive, without being flashy.

Cast iron hardware and black appliances

Since the return of the rustic kitchen, and the new trend towards gray cabinetry and walls we see a trend toward country chic matte black hardware. Accent your grays with cast iron knobs, pulls, hinges, towel bars, toiletry holders, and more.
Similarly, you’ll be seeing a lot more black or dark appliances in the kitchen. A black oven is like a modern day take on having a cast iron pot bubbling over an open fire.

The added beauty of matte colors

Contemporary Kitchen four
Matte gray colors are contemporary country chic.

Matte colors, as opposed to glossy, have the added benefit of hiding dirt and oil better. Family homes with kids will appreciate matte colors being able to hide the inevitable oily finger and handprints of kids running about the house.

Express your personal style

Just because it’s trendy, doesn’t mean it suits your style. Personal style is the biggest trend of all. It is what keeps us innovative and always looking for new ways to help our clients design their dream kitchen and bath.

Kitchen and bath design in Denver

The Kitchen Showcase in Denver is committed to offering best-in-class hardware and accessories for a range of budgets. You can rest assured that you’ll find quality options at competitive prices when you choose The Kitchen Showcase.