The Best Natural Stone Countertops in Denver

Natural stone countertops in denver

If you are looking for a long-term investment in your home, we have exactly what you are looking for!

Nothing adds class and beauty like natural stone countertops. They look beautiful and create a one-of-a-kind showpiece for your room. With one of the many countertop options offered at our Denver showroom, you can transform an old kitchen or bath into the kitchen or bathroom of your dreams and improve the resale value of your home!
At The Kitchen Showcase, we carry natural stone countertops from the leading brands. We have six different types of natural stone surfaces so that you can choose the perfect material for your personal style and functional needs.
Natural stone countertops in denver




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100% natural stone
Stain resistant
Scratch resistant
Heat resistant
Price Range: $$-$$$$$
Requires sealing about twice a year, depending on the granite


100% natural stone
Heat resistant
Price Range: $$-$$$$
Susceptible to staining from acidic materials
Not advised for kitchen use


Heat resistant
Durable, yet softer than granite
Price Range: $$$
Higher maintenance than most natural stone products
Apply mineral oil to improve the luster of the stone


Available in many earth-toned colors
Tends to have an uneven surface
Price Range: $-$$$
More brittle than other natural stone countertops


Multiple pitted holes and troughs in surface create a distinct look
Holes can be filled with grout to match the color of the stone
Price Range: $-$$
Versatile uses (countertops, tiling, etc.)
Susceptible to staining from acidic material

Natural stone countertops Denver

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At The Kitchen Showcase, we have countless countertop options that will match any kitchen and budget. Let us work with you in finding the best countertop solution for your Denver home. You will be amazed how new countertops can make your kitchen or bathroom stand out, that you will want to spend a lot more time in there!
Stop by our new and beautiful Kitchen and Bathroom Design Showroom located in Centennial, Colorado, to talk with our professional kitchen & bath designers to start planning your new, dreamed kitchen or bathroom! We are open Monday to Friday from 8:00 am to 4:30 p, evenings and Saturdays by appointment.

Finding the Right Countertop for You

Natural stone countertops in denver

Kitchen renovations can make for quite a stressful time. With so many options for countertops available, how are Colorado homeowners supposed to figure out which choice will work best for them? To help you make a decision that you’ll be happy with for the long-run, we’ve made a shortlist of some of our favorite options. 

Quartz Countertop at The Kitchen Showcase
Quartz is well known for its range of color options and high durability.


Engineered quartz is a great countertop material for anyone looking for something that is easy to maintain. To make these countertops, manufacturers use natural quartz and combine it with resin and a few added colors. These components are compacted together under immense pressure to form an incredibly durable slab for your kitchen. Quartz is a wonderful option for those who are cost-minded and aren’t willing to spend their whole renovation budget on an expensive granite or marble countertop. You can get quartz counters that closely resemble granite or you can use slabs in a solid color for a modern appeal.


Granite is an extremely popular material to use for kitchens today. It’s very dependable — heat resistant, impact-resistant, and available in a range of styles, it’s no wonder so many people in Colorado opt for this material. Granite is naturally porous, though the porosity of your counter is dependant on the color of the granite. Regardless, all granite countertops require sealants in order to maintain as much longevity as possible.


This option is the most budget-friendly of these countertops. Laminated countertops are limitless when it comes to style. They come in almost any color imaginable, and you can even order them in chic patterns. Laminated countertops can also be made to resemble other materials, like wood or granite. Laminate counters do have softer surfaces than quartz or granite, so they do require you to be a tad more careful while using them.

Are you searching for ideas for a countertop that will suit your kitchen? The Kitchen Showcase has plenty of styles available for you to see! Visit our Denver Showroom or contact us today for more information.

Accessorizing Your Kitchen Cabinets

Trends in kitchen cabinet accessories and hardware

Once you’ve gotten our kitchen cabinets all picked out, it’s time to accessorize. Kitchen cabinet accessories and hardware can add texture and drama to your kitchen.

Accessorizing your kitchen cabinets
Brass, copper, and gold are keeping it classy and classic in the kitchen.
Photo: Brass Waverly Cabinet Knob by Emtek

The smallest details can make the biggest impact

The details are not the details. They make the design.” – Charles Eames.
The classic white kitchen is still the most common. Colors are muted and natural, but you don’t want your kitchen to be boring and sterile. With just a few small touches, you can take a timid kitchen design and add a punch of personality. Kitchen cabinet accessories can make a big impact on your entire kitchen design, in fact, they can give it a distinct character. Big geometrical knobs and pulls are making a big splash in kitchen design, like adding a big, bold, colorful piece of costume jewelry to a little black dress.

Keep it sassy

You can add personality to your kitchen with knobs and pulls in different unique shapes, colors, and textures.

Make it brassy

Brass hardware is taking over. Anything that is brass, copper, or gold is becoming increasingly popular in kitchen accessories. Brass, copper, and gold are perfect to continue the rustic kitchen trend, marrying glamor with simplistic and rustic charm. The shape of the knob will still be comfortable and functional, but the design will make your kitchen more interesting visually.

accessorize kitchen cabinets
Adding funky knobs to your kitchen cabinets can give it some personality.
Photo: Deco Crystal Knob by Emtek

Have it glassy

New materials in knobs, pulls, and hardware is glass and crystal. They are sleek, simple, elegant, and will sparkle in the sunlight. Who doesn’t love a little sparkle in their kitchen? It’s fun, simple, elegant, and lux.

Fun accessories and hardware for your kitchen

The Kitchen Showcase can help you design your dream kitchen from the cabinets to the accessories. Find inspiration for your hardware, knobs, and pulls to add that final touch of glamor and personality to your kitchen.

Family Friendly Kitchen Design

Colorado kitchen design experts

When you first designed your kitchen, you made sure that it had all the components necessary for you to live comfortably. But things change, and, as your family grows, your kitchen needs to adapt to suit everyone’s needs. Are you looking to build a kitchen that will grow as your family does? We have the best design tips to help you achieve a family-friendly space for you and your loved ones in Colorado.

Custom cabinets
Personalize your new home with custom cabinets.


An optimized cabinet layout is a key component of any kitchen design. When you’re remodeling your kitchen, be sure to make your cabinets a priority. Your kitchen layout dictates the flow of the space. For the best kitchen experience, your work triangle should be optimized. For those who don’t know, your work triangle is, it’s the triangular distance between your food prep area, your sink, and your food storage. From any one of these places in your kitchen, it should only take you four to nine feet to get to the two other spots. 

You don’t want to end up frustrated when it’s time to cook dinner because your family is crowding up the place. Save yourself the stress and take some time to think about how you’re going to optimize your work triangle.

Lots of Storage

Make sure there’s a place for everything. There’s nothing worse during your cooking experience than trying to find a pot only to get lost in a maze of loose Tupperware. You’ll save lots of time by organizing all of your items and storing them appropriately. 

Yes, that means saving a few drawers for your baby’s items! Keep a few cabinets for your child’s essentials – bottles, formula, extra soothers, and bibs should all be in close proximity to each other so that you know just where to find them when you need them. 

Prepare for Mess

There’s no getting around the fact that kids are messy. By embracing this fact, you’ll be ready to handle anything your little one throws your way — literally. Keep spills and other accidents in mind when designing your kitchen. It’s a good idea to go for tables, floors, and countertops that aren’t porous and don’t stain easily. 

For more ideas on how to make your kitchen fit for the whole family, visit The Kitchen Showcase, Colorado’s best kitchen showroom. To learn more about our products and design specialists, give us a call at (970) 514-6663  or schedule a showroom visit.

Preventing Your White Kitchen Cabinets from Fading to Yellow

Choosing color for kitchen

A tested and true kitchen trend is custom white cabinets. No matter the style of your kitchen, white cabinets will bring light and life to your design. Because for many the kitchen is the heart of the home, sunlight and cleanliness are important. White kitchen cabinets are both clean and bright, making your kitchen a place where people will love to gather. But, white cabinets need to be properly maintained. If not, they can quickly fade and turn yellow. Here’s how you keep your kitchen whites from turning yellow.

Keeping your white cabinets white

Keeping white cabinets from turning yellow.
Keep white cabinets out of direct sunlight to prevent them from turning yellow.

To make a kitchen feel warm and inviting and useful you need plenty of sunlight and a functional space to cook. Unfortunately, those are the two things that also threatened your white cabinets. Yes, it is one of nature’s cruel jokes. Cooking and sunlight can make your white cabinets turn yellow. And, not a pretty bright and happy yellow, but a dirty, unpleasant, sickly yellow. The good news is, with a little maintenance, you can keep your white cabinets white.

Just the right amount of sunlight

Protecting your white cabinets from sun damage is a balancing act. You don’t want to block out all the sun, but you also don’t want the full rays of the sun scorching your cabinets all day long. When you design your kitchen, work with your designer to figure out where the most sun is going to shine, and then hang your cabinets in places where they won’t be in direct sunlight all the time. Of course, this isn’t always possible. If you have sun coming from all angles, then thin drapes can give your cabinets the sun protection they need to stay white.

Keeping white cabinets white
Wipe down white cabinets after cooking to remove grease.

Home cooking can turn your white cabinets yellow

Did you know that when the sweet aromas of your home cooking go wafting through the home, it is actually tiny grease particles in flight? Yeah, that doesn’t sound very appetizing, but, it is important to know because these little grease particles will land on every surface. If you allow these grease particles to sit on your white cabinets, then they will soon appear yellowish and dirty.

Regular maintenance keeps white cabinets white

Make it a habit to wipe down kitchen cabinets after cooking. Or, on a regular basis. Protect your white cabinets to keep your dream kitchen fresh, clean, beautiful, and white.
The Kitchen Showcase has been helping homeowners design and build their dream kitchen with various brands and affordable prices.

Renovation Tips for the Spring

new white contemporary Kitchen

Spring is the season of change and beginning anew. What better reason is there to finally follow through with that kitchen renovation you’ve been dying to start? This season, bring new life into your home by utilizing these wonderful kitchen renovation trends. These ideas are more than enough to help you get started.

Bright Colors

There’s no better way to brighten up a dull room than to add a pop of color. By no means do you have to go overboard — flashy colors may feel interesting for a while, but they’ll only end up causing being an eyesore down the road. Look in the direction of muted jewel tones or bright pastels instead. Yellow can brighten your kitchen space and create an airy feeling. Colors like blue or green can make your kitchen feel grand and welcoming. 

white marble countertop
White cabinets are a look that never goes out of style.

Classic Style

Of course, not everyone is a fan of color in home design. That’s okay! If you’re looking for alternate ways to modernize your home, you can’t go wrong with white — it’s in no matter the season. White cabinets and walls make can your space feel bigger and brighter. Combined with updated steel appliances, your kitchen will look timeless.

Functional Cabinetry

Remember, your updated kitchen needs to be as functional as it is beautiful the best way to add utility to your kitchen is to update your cabinets. There are tons of ways you can utilize cabinetry to add functionality; some homeowners opt for wider cabinetry to allow more space for storage. Others add open shelving for easy access and storage of dishes and cups. The possibilities are endless!

Still stuck on ideas for how to renovate your kitchen? Team up with The Kitchen Showcase. We’re Colorado’s best experts on all things kitchen and can offer only the best in cabinets, countertops, hardware, and appliances for affordable prices. Contact us to get started on your new kitchen.

Using Gray Tones to Modernize the Country Kitchen

Easy kitchen remodel tips

There’s nothing more classic than a white kitchen and bathroom. But, too much white can leave a room feeling stark and clinical. Although the farmhouse and rustic interior style are popular in Colorado, we’re seeing a big move towards adding modern touches to the homes and making a white kitchen a bit more interesting. One of the biggest interior design trends is using gray as the new neutral to modernize the country home.

Interior design trends
Gray backsplash and walls will modernize a country kitchen

Gray is the perfect neutral

Whites and neutrals have dominated kitchens and bathrooms for too long. But, the hottest new trend in interior design is to contrast the classic white with gray accents. And in some cases, the gray is taking over and becoming the dominant color in kitchens and bathrooms. Having touches of gray is also an easy way to update and modernize a country style kitchen. Blending styles can be beautiful, as long as you are strategic in your choices

Urban flair to country homes

Often times you see the white as the dominant color in the kitchen and bathroom. But, more homeowners are adopting clean and modern style elements and allowing the gray to take center stage. By having grays play a more dominant role in the interior design will add an urban flair to a country home.

Blending nature and industrial style 

The gray that you choose can be a bold contrast or a subtle contrast depending on how big a statement you want to make. Gray tones can give your kitchen or bathroom an industrial feel. But, you have to be careful that you don’t make it too cold. One way to ensure that your kitchen and bathroom still feel warm and inviting is to add a few warm colors and design choices. To find the right pop of color to warm up the dominant white and gray color template, look out the window. Draw inspiration from nature and bring in a few of those colors. By using the colors from the Colorado landscape you are pulling the warmth of nature inside your home, which will prevent the gray and white template from feeling too cold.
The Kitchen Showcase in Denver has helped Colorado homeowners design their dream homes in any style, for any budget. Talk to professional interior designers about the latest interior design trends and products.

What is the Work Triangle?

Time and time again, the work triangle has proven itself the best kitchen design technique to guarantee homeowners in Colorado an efficient cooking environment. The work triangle is a set of traffic lanes that allow you the easiest route to everything you need to cook and plate your meal. 

Still not sure what the work triangle is? Imagine a line that connects your fridge to your sink. Then imagine another line that connects your sink to your oven. Then, a third line connecting your stove back to your fridge. These three lines make up your work triangle! In an optimal triangle, no route should require more than nine feet of travel. Additionally, there should be enough space to prevent crowding. Most people agree that a minimum distance of 4 feet is required between each of these components.

Creating a Work Triangle

Functional kitchen
This kitchen has an optimal work triangle layout; the homeowner can move easily between their sink, fridge, and oven.

There are a few key points to keep in mind when trying to create an effective work triangle:

  • The sum of all three sides shouldn’t exceed 26 feet.
  • Each line of the triangle should be between four and nine feet long.
  • No major traffic should pass through the work triangle. 
  • None of the sides should cut through a counter space or island. 

Some homes with bigger families may need more than one work triangle in order to maintain an efficient work environment. Adding another sink to an island is a great way to add another second set of paths to allow for more than one cook to operate minimal crowding. 

Work with an Experienced Kitchen Designer

Remember, the work triangle is only a guideline. It’s not the be-all and end-all of kitchen design! Working with an experienced design specialist can help you incorporate this strategy or a number of others to achieve a fully efficient cooking space. 

To learn more about all the ways you can optimize your kitchen space, talk to an expert at The Kitchen Showcase. Call, email, or book an appointment at our Denver showroom today.